Sananda, Ashtar, One Who Serves: You Are Getting Closer and Closer To Accessing “The Event”


This is “Sananda”. Wonderful, as always, to be with you. To share in these times, in times as things are changing, as your consciousness is shifting and changing. I speak now of the consciousness of the entire planet. Not only to those of you on the phone and those of you in the room here

The Council: The Love Vibration

UntitledThe Council: “Much development and in fact the only development that an entity can fully make is in the ability to train and work with the physical. And the easiest and quickest way is developing the attitude and the thought. If you constantly keep on your mind your relationship and your responsibility to everybody and everything around you, you will soon be not only a channel

Patricia Cota-Robles: Our Time Is NOW

PROMO_PHOTO_BLUEWe have completed the final stages of preparation and now it is time for us to BE the Instruments of God we have been preparing to BE for literally lifetimes. KNOW that we each have within us everything we need to be God Victorious for this essential facet of the unfolding Divine Plan which will occur during the 30th Annual World Congress on Illumination, August 13-20, 2016. We will ALL be in our right and perfect place during

Drunkorexia is a Problem on College Campuses

ehfA few years ago, the term “drunkorexia” began making the rounds. The portmanteau—a combination of “drunk” and “anorexia”—is used to describe skipping meals or exercising to save or shed calories, in anticipation of drinking alcohol later. It’s not news that many college students drink, and frequently to excess. The New York Times reports binge drinking rates