The Masters: Changing the Face of Terror: Moving From Fear to Ascension

mastersIn the face of terrorism the world seems black. All that lays before seems dark and terrifying and the world is gripped by fear. As each incident of violence occurs the wave of outrage and hatred towards certain sectors of the community grows and people call for revenge or for all members of a religion or sector to be banished from their country.

Like attracts like and reacting in fear will only perpetuate more fear. Separation is not the answer, only more fuel to the fire, for as people feel segregated they cannot ever hope to know or understand the other side of the story. Lack of any kind of understanding will not help to build empathy. Dear Ones, you cannot ever hope to banish the darker side of human nature, but you can learn to live without fear. Those who wish to rule through violence and terror have made their choices and, in many cases, lost their connection to the light. The intervention that their actions have had upon the freewill and, sometimes, the lives of others will mean that they will remain upon the wheel of karma for longer and their road to the light infinitely harder. How is it possible, then, to ignore or even rise above the terror, fear, hatred and outrage that sweeps the world on an almost daily basis? How can the world ever ascend when the stench of death and threats of attack continue and the gulf between religions and races increases people’s feelings of alienation, fear and hatred towards people of certain religious sectors, no matter whether they agree with extremist views or are innocently peaceful?

No one can blame anyone else for the decisions one has willingly made or for the actions one has taken themselves. No matter the influences or the feelings of duty or responsibility one may have towards other people or a situation, every person is responsible for their own behaviour and will eventually be held accountable, whether it be in a court of law on Earth, at the hands of vengeance from another or in their own life review after death. If one chooses to act or to react violently that is their choice, but it will always have consequences equal to or even more serious than the original action. As I have said, like attracts like and humans can never expect a peaceful outcome when the reaction matches or exceeds the intensity and intention of the original action. Staying in drama will perpetuate more drama. Only when a significant number of people break the cycle will change begin, and only then the effort must be focused, intentional and sustained.

Looking inward in times of stress or conflict is something many people find difficult to do. To examine one’s own fears, beliefs and insecurities instead of blaming others is a challenge that, for some, is an arduous task. However, inward reflection and facing one’s own truths is the only course of action towards a more peaceful outcome in the face of any type of adversity, be it in the form of another person and their beliefs, a challenging group situation or rising conflict. People’s beliefs create their reality and affect the way they react to other people’s negative interactions. The greater a person’s insecurities and the less love they have for themselves, the greater chance there is of the person overreacting to negative comments and of taking them in a deeply personal way. Lack of tolerance or prejudice in a person to different belief systems, religions, sexual persuasions, races or creeds may come from a deep seated fear of difference, either caused by indoctrination or through personal experience and trauma. Whichever it is, the reality created by fear, prejudice and hatred of anyone different is a dangerous one that has the potential to ground the believer in illusion and misery for the term of their incarnation on Earth and for them to perhaps cause harm to other people in defense of these beliefs. If a person chooses to stay grounded in fear and negativity that is up to them and others, who do not share their extremist views, cannot stop them. In order to save the world from forever being plunged in darkness, more enlightened souls would do best to avoid sending any kind of energy to terrorists or to try to change unreasonable views in family, acquaintances or friends.

The most desirable course of action is to at first examine one’s own belief systems in order to avoid reacting negatively and, secondly, to send peace, love and tranquility to the Earth and into the human collective consciousness.

I AM Lord Melchizadek

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