The Collective Speaks on Abundance

council-of-light[Question] You’ve told us that abundance, especially money, has a lot to do with gratitude, and how we deal with the energy of money—how much we “like” money. This was very helpful.

But if we choose our life circumstances before we incarnate, have we already chosen whether to live an abundant life, or a suffering one?

How much does karma come into play?

And how can a pregnant woman, for example, in an African country, who is close to miscarrying because she has not had enough food, create abundance?

[The Collective] This is an excellent topic.

For it is so that most of you have determined to open up to and intentionally create a greater level of abundance in your life. And being thankful for all the money and abundance that has and is flowing to you is one of the ways in which to create a greater flow.

Determining that you like money—that you enjoy receiving and having it, that it can be used as a positive force in people’s lives—is vital to affirming that though for millennia, money was used as a tool of the old, oppressive system, this is a new day.

And that you are now creating a whole new way for humankind to view money and abundance, thereby lifting money to a whole higher vibration.

Regarding your choices before incarnation, this is of course a matter to discuss with your support team of higher self, guides, and Angels. It is indeed unusual for a Lightworker to come to Earth at this time with making money as their main interest.

Most assuredly, there are those in the banking, legal, and government systems who are there as transforming and transmuting Lights. They have chosen to be there, to root out corruption and reveal the weaknesses of the old system, and to help establish the new, NESARA-era system.

And these persons often “do well” financially, some making six or seven figures a year. Yet they are steadfast in their purpose, and invaluable to the establishing of the new forms of the New Earth.

Yet what most Lightworkers have chosen is a far simpler way of being in the world.

They have sought purity of expression, often releasing or refusing the third dimensional forms of material possession and prestige—that which is not true wealth, but a false sense of wealth, based on outer objects and shallow interests.

For your own Earth self’s sake, most of you chose a life in which you have not usually manifested as much money or other forms of abundance as you would like.

This has put you in the position of having to learn the spiritual principles behind true abundance and manifestation.

You have seen how you may sometimes joyfully proclaim something to be true for you, only to see that object or situation very shortly appear in your life.

In creating the necessity for that learning, you were doing more than setting yourself up to work with energy in ways that would enable a new kind of abundance to begin appearing on the Earth.

As great an accomplishment as that is, you put yourself in a place of apparent “need” or “lack” so as to jolt yourself back to your original role as a co-Creator, a Divine Manifester, a Light and Energy Worker.

It is not that anyone was interested in making you suffer, per se. It is that you and your guides decided before you incarnated that one of the best possible ways for you to wake up to your manifesting and co-Creational abilities, was to put you where you had to re-learn and re-member and re-claim them.

They have never left you, and you know this.

You have seen how you joyfully proclaimed something to be true for you, or more calmly proclaimed it to be true over a space of days or weeks, only to see that object or situation appear in your life very shortly after, as if you had just brought it in on special order.

Indeed, it was a special order! There is no accident there.

You called the thing itself forth from the ethers. It heard you, followed your command, and appeared—even if you were “only joking” when you joyfully made that affirmation and declaration that this thing was now in your life.

In fact, the jocularity—the light-hearted, light-spirited manner of joking about something—can perfectly create the exact form of joy needed to birth something new into the world.

And so the idea of having “a suffering life of lack and limitation” is not always what it appears. There is powerful growth to be had when one learns to remember joy, even in the context of great degradation and apparent lack or loss. Particularly then.

Even in the midst of those obstacles, your beautiful, positive-feeling, affirmative declarations that “I AM Wealth! I AM all the power, freedom, beauty, joy, and abundance in the Universe!” intoned with joy and inner power, can be enough to turn the tide for even the most painful of circumstances.

And as we have noted, the energy patterns of your life blueprint can also be revised on most matters.

Now, regarding karma, we would say that you are no longer on the old karmic wheel.

You are no longer still collecting unresolved issues, no longer subject to the churning repetition of old errors and energetic ruts.

You and nearly all of Earth’s people are entering a new time of release of the old and birth of the new, which has none of the sting and oppression of the old order.

You are indeed at times still working out the density and drama of past lives lived on this beautiful planet, who was sunk to such degrading depths for so long.

She has somehow resisted all attempts at Her destruction, and is now rising to new and beautiful heights that will eventually outreach even the accomplishments and evolvement of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Yet at present, you see some persons suffering, whether in other countries or your own, due to hunger or illness or homelessness. They seem to suffer most from despair.

And you resonate with that despair as you see them reeling from the deaths of home or loved ones. And you wonder, How does one create abundance from that place?

And we would say, just exactly as you create it from where you yourself are at present.
Universal laws do not change according to context.

There is not a different set of requirements or ethics or actions for those in impoverished Asian or African or South American countries than there are for those in wealthier countries . . .

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan