A picture of maternal patience

A picture of maternal patience: Brown bear carries her cub across a river on her back because the youngster is afraid of the water

The brown bear family were spotted at the edge of a narrow creek in the Lark Clark National Park, Alaska
Australian photographer Renee Doyle said one of the cubs was reluctant to enter the waters of the creek
Instead, the mother turned around and allowed the small bear to clamber aboard before continuing
She added: ‘It is an amazing and thrilling experience to watch the bears in their natural habitat’

A doting brown bear gives one of her cubs a piggy back as they wade through a river, after the young mammal decided she didn’t like the water.

The mother and her two young cubs, who are around three years old, were crossing the small river as they searched the area looking for food.

As she crossed the water her cubs followed and one, who decided she didn’t like the river, quickly climbed onto her mother’s back.

Despite her standing up to check for danger, the cub continued to cling onto her mother’s fur and only got off her back when he was safely on the other side of the river.

Photographer Renee Doyle was at Lark Clark National Park, Alaska, USA, to photograph the bears as the mother led her cubs out of their dens.


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