You Are Living Now More and More On Pranic Energy

ert“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here now to serve you and to take you to the next steps that are coming. There are many things that are happening now and many things that are coming.

Spoken here earlier today, you know we always eavesdrop in your conversations, because it is not only that we participate in your conversations but we encourage certain things to come out. Again, it is all part of the orchestration.

You were speaking of diet and how important this is to everything. It certainly is very important but we wish you to understand one thing. All of the consternation about what to eat and what not to eat and what to take into your body and what not to take into your body becomes a moot point. As you move up into the higher vibration there will be no questi0on for any of this. You will do exactly as you need to in the moment.

Your body will speak to you. It is already speaking to you. Sometimes you listen. Sometimes you do not listen. We want you to understand that is not as necessarily important at this time. It creates a dissonance within you. This is not healthy.

So we would say to not eat everything in front of you, not to say it is not harmful because some things certainly are. You must use your discernment about these things. But understand that as you move up in higher vibrations much of this no longer matters. You will be exactly where you need to be and eating exactly what you need to eat.

In fact, many of you will move into a position where you won’t even want to eat anymore. It will be something that will be done for social purposes. Breaking bread and drinking wine and these things will become a social gathering not so much a need. You will learn to not live to eat but eat to live. Eat to live will become more energetic. You live more and more on Pranic Energy, which someone spoke of earlier.

All of this is in the process now. We will not say the future because it is the now, this moment. You are all moving in this direction whether you know it now or not. That is not to say though that if you have a certain craving for something whether it is meat or something, do not move away from that or feel guilty about it. Just let it be and as you let it be, it will be exactly what you need in the moment. Learn to trust what your body is telling you, more and more, OK?


I am ”Ashira”. It is a pleasure to be with you and to be a part of your conversation befor3e the channeling took place.

You are continuing to touch bases on many, many topics. We know that is a great orchestration for this group to move. We will be there and we will bring all of our friends as well! To build that Pillar of Light in his home. We know that words will go out and more people will be attending.

And as changes come day to day and changes erupt that you will be in the right place for the newness that is coming as well. All of those things that you have been waiting for are happening. All of this, as concerned as you are about your own personal Ascension, you will find yourself moving out of your own being.

For as you rise in your vibration you will have totally different thoughts and situations in your lives. You will no longer hold onto those things that you hold on to today. You will no longer hold on to concerns about what you eat or what you think because the atmosphere will be changing.

We leave you today with our love and our light. Namaste.

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

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