Mushaba and Porda: An Event Announcement

MUSHABA LOGOI am Porda, father to this one when I was on earth. I will always be his father for he has many fathers. I am also here with his extraterrestrial father the being Mushaba, who is the Leader of the Mushaba people. I introduce the opening of this message this way because I want you to get used to hearing from me, Porda and from Mushaba and for you to know that this one we are delivering our messages through is directly connected in a way that gives him a bond of truth between us. He is tuned in automatically to us because of this connection so when we speak we all speak as one voice.

I want to tell you something, all of you that will read these words. There is something very exciting taking place in your physical world that will have a very telling impact on your lives. It is a long awaited event that is in process as we speak and it has started in the past day or so very quietly. There is also another very exciting thing taking place that is of a physical/spiritual nature. There is coming an announcement shortly after the first event I speak takes place in a more public way. It is an announcement that many of you expect and have been for some time.

Life is in a place of change and it is changing for all of you this instant. These events will remove the limitations of finance, as well as the corrupt, controlling government and its minions. There were certain actions taking place that were out of your view for good reason. However, all of the benefits of these actions are now in the process of becoming common knowledge to you. Get ready to dance your way into your life of dreams and heart’s desires! That is all for the moment for I will return with an update!

When you can see it, feel it, taste it, touch it, and hear it, it’s real to you!

I am Porda of Mushaba

Father of Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

I bid you all a fond excitement!

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