The Council: The Bermuda Triangle

vcbQuestioner: Bill had asked questions sometime ago, and other people had the same question about the Bermuda Triangle, the area supposedly bounded  by Bermuda, Miami , and the Bahamas where there have been a number of mysterious disappearances that have been reported.

The question is if there are actual disappearances, could you please explain what is taking place in this area of the earth?

The Council: It is quite simple.  What are you constructed of basically, or in its purest sense?

Questioner: Energy.

The Council: Very well.  It is a form of electrical energy that we have referred to as the spiritual electricity.  As it is manifesting in the material form, it becomes somewhat more gross, and it works then in the material form on a bio-electrical set-up.  Do you understand?

Questioner: Vaguely, yes.

The Council: The currents in the body that are transmitted from the brain to other portions of the physical anatomy are done so through minute electrical currents.

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: All right. This electricity is instigated by the chemical reaction in the body; the chemical reaction or composition is instigated by the soul or the entity.  Now, the soul, the entity, functions through the organ that is referred to as the brain.  As the soul stimulates that organ through the chemical reactions and interreactions, then it manipulates the physical form.  The soul also maintains the physical form, the soul; its spiritual essence then maintains that physical form, the spiritual essence being a spiritual electricity.  Now what transpires in your Bermuda Triangle is that the electricities, the natural electricities, or the magnetic forces of the earth and the universe, shall we say, come into collision at certain times.  Those who are in the area of collision are simply “changed,” to put it politely.  The chemical compounds that make up the physical form are reverted back to a less solidified form of that compound.  The “Bermuda Triangle” and the activity is an indication of the possible calamity that could transpire at the polar change or shift.  You are dealing now with the forces of nature in their finest or purest sense in relation to the material manifestation; so that as the polar changes do occur time and reality will also undergo changes so that certain effects will appear to have happened instantaneously, wherein they will not  have happened instantaneously but will have frozen in time.  The Bermuda Triangle is a minor effect of this frozen in time.  When the force fields are such, those individuals in those force fields  are, shall we say, changed — “frozen in time.”

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