The Council: True Form of Angels

4863464Questioner:  Have angels appeared as many artists have depicted with the large wings?

The Council: Spirits, the angels, have a body to be sure, but it is a spiritual body, and the only reason why artists depict angels with wings and the only reason why men at times have seen the angels with wings, it is because that is what their psychological and emotional make-up require for them to see. If a heavenly being were to appear to you in its total grandeur, you would be scared out of your wits. So this is toned down, in such a way that it can be more acceptable to you.

As wise and as intelligent and as advanced and open-minded as man thinks he is, he is but a babe. To see the glories of heaven would, shall we say, most assuredly scare the hell out of everybody in the physical.

Questioner: Why?

The Council: Why?

Questioner: I’d like to know what it looks like.

The Council: Because it is so overpowering and so beautiful and so large that you could not accept it. You would say that it is too much and you would fall in fright. But you see the Divine loves so much that He is not going to overpower you, even in such a way, so that whenever He sends those emissaries of His to help man, He sends them in such a way that they are inspired but yet not overpowered. They still have the free choice; they still have the decision without being overpowered. You see?

Questioner: I know there is a belief that sometime angels and I don’t mean to be — perhaps I am saying this literally — angels appear as men, that there have been cases, one particular case where an individual was close to losing his physical life and two men appeared who had never been around that area before or after and rescued him. And some ministers feel that these could be angels in disguise.

The Council: We shall not make a comment on that particular situation. Mind you, this is not a comment on that particular situation; but it is true that angels can appear to man in the form of man. Now to be sure those that are viewing the angel will sense that it is a heavenly being, but this depends on, as we said, the emotional make-up and the psychological make-up of the individual. If they are in tune with Divine things, if they are religious, then that will determine the appearance of such things, of such emissaries of God. There are some that would require seeing a man with wings or someone that is of neuter appearance with wings, then if this were necessary to be sure the Lord God would see to it that they have such a messenger. But the angels have spiritual bodies which do not have physical form.

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