Will Texas Become the First State to Secede?

Texas-Flag-Close-Up-Star-Stripes-777x437We’ve discussed the possibility of massive rioting, looting and chaos of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump wins in November. But little in the way of judging how Americans will react to a Hillary Clinton victory has been discussed – until now.

In particular, a Clinton presidency may prove to be the final unraveling of our republic as we now know it.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a shocking new survey found that 3 in 5 Trump-supporting Texans would support secession of Clinton wins the election. That is in itself bad enough, but there is other troubling data in the survey.

For instance, nearly three-quarters of voters in Texas have bought into Trump’s prediction that if he loses nationally, it will be due to massive Democrat voter fraud and election rigging. Translation: Fewer than 1 in 5 Texas trust the electoral system in general and are betting that it is being manipulated in a way that will favor the most crooked, and corrupt presidential candidate in modern history.

“Trump’s suggestions that the election will be stolen on Hillary Clinton’s behalf are getting lapped up by almost all of his supporters,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling, which conducted the survey. “It really exemplifies the cult like aspect of his support.”

Speaking of cult-like, that’s a perfect way to define Clinton voters as well. You’d have to be sycophantic beyond all imagination to support a candidate who has sold her soul for a buck time and time again, has used her positions of power for personal and political gain, is responsible for a disastrous foreign policy and has violated our national security in more ways than anyone can count – despite the fact that her political status as a Barack Obama surrogate kept her from getting indicted for the latter.

Speaking of Obama, the feeling among many Texans and their abject disgust for Clinton is likely felt in other parts of the country as well. In terms of trust and likeability, she has lower numbers than her GOP rival, and that’s no place to be on Day 1 of a presidency.

Unrest aside, Texas will be the state to watch should the election go to Clinton – and, god forbid, should there be gross violations of election law, rigging and manipulation.

You can only push Americans so far before they will feel the need to push back against a corrupt system that is stealing our liberty and crushing our spirit. That pushback just might start in Texas.