The Council: Love’s Rewards

6735717ca8610c5971db96f864ba21e3This next quote from The Council relates directly to the one from last week – The Love Vibration. In this one we are told what actually happens when we give out love. But they also point out something far more important. When we demonstrate love through our actions we also create a more godly self-esteem within ourselves. Armed with additional power we can then give even more. It actually can become an unending cycle upwards towards our true spiritual nature. We truly become more godlike because we are emulating the love vibration of the God of all.

“The hardest thing that man will have to achieve, now listen, the hardest thing that man will have to achieve in his lifetime is the ability to love himself, not in an egotistical way, but in a godly way, to have self-respect and self-esteem, to be proud that he is created in the image of this Divine Creator, that he is a part of this Divine Creator, and because of this then he has the ability to perform many wonders, many miracles, many good deeds. He has the ability to give out an ounce of love and allow that portion of love to spread through the entire state of creation and return to him tenfold, thereby giving him the ability then to release ten ounces of love and allow it to return back to him tenfold.”

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