Aging and the Form: 5th Dimensional Consciousness

ertAging is a concept one can either accept and expect, or something that too, is up for transformation in consciousness.

When ONE completely lives in the awareness that they are LIGHT, and all beliefs connected to fear of aging are gone, then ONE literally awakens powerful Aspects of the Light Body, that KNOWS itself as this Holographic experience of Light.

There is NO aging in that and there is no looking and manipulating the external to create an effect of stopping the so-called aging  process.

BELIEFS impact your REALITY.

Your choices IMPACT your consciousness. AS, they reinforce or TRANSFORM any reactive states, based on past conditioning. That is what KARMA is.

What are you believing about age? Because the governments want us to have an ID that give us an age, do WE NEED to believe that as TRUTH. That we are that age? Do we judge or accept OTHERS based on THEIR age? Do we disregard someone because they look too young for us, or too old?

What is that about?


To the SOUL.

The Eternal Spirit that desires to pour through as the Higher Self is AGELESS.

When we connect to that we KNOW we are AGELESS.

This is not ABOUT Pretending we believe we are Ageless.

This is about applying 5th dimensional CONSCIOUSNESS to ANY AND ALL LIMITING BELIEFS.


So we can actually WALK the TALK.

So we can actually Live in 5th dimensional consciousness. Not just talk about it.

We can get off our butts so to speak and LIVE IT.

ALIGN yourself with the TRUTH you desire to be your REALITY.

Yes, that will need effort on your part, as you let go of past beliefs. Yes it may feel like the most challenging thing you have every done!

YES it is also the most BLESSED experience you can experience in form. As the time is NOW and your Destiny is now.

If not in this lifetime?  WHEN???????

REEVALUATE how your beliefs and fears are impacting your life that may be keeping your awareness in 3D. Everyone does it right? Well Not everyone. DARE to take a stand for your SOUL.

Take stock of ALL that you are still believing in and taking part in as part of the collective beliefs.

LET go and stand in the TRUTH of what is eternal. This will set in motion many levels of opening within your consciousness. That as you drop your stories, whether financial, physical, aging, relationships. YOU open UP to the WORLD your Higher Self has ready and waiting for you. YOU have to cross through to it and to be able to do that you must let go of those old beliefs that only serve to keep you in 3D or 4th dimensional consciousness.

Relax, breathe and FEEL the following activation.

I let go of ALL past beliefs in aging.

I DO so, because I choose to align with my eternal Soul.

I am not trying to kid my body into looking LIKE I want it to (the ego has done that for a long time).

This is about LIVING in the ABSOLUTE Truth of my ETERNAL self.

I let go of judging others by how they appear, too young or too old.

This frees me from my judgement of my appearance.

It is in this TRUE freedom when I live it, that the LIGHT of my Higher Self shines through.

This Eternal Light is what is AGELESS.

It is the Inexhaustible Energy Source that FUELS all aspects of being here on Earth.

I Rejuvenate myself and awaken ALL eternal Aspects Now.

I let go of OLD beliefs.

I free myself from my own fears about aging and recognize that was only within ME as a belief. 

I Live as the Divine Ageless Being that I Am.

I see others as this also, NOW.

And so it is! I love you!

Eternal Love and Bliss!

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