If there is a Way into a Mess, there is a Way Out

wekosh-quote-just-relaxOh, no! How did I get into this? How did this happen? My life was ticking along just fine — or maybe not all that fine, but it wasn’t like this! It’s a disaster! Does this sound familiar? I’m sure we’ve all been there. Perhaps that’s where you are right now. And if you are, the good news is that if you got into it, you can get out of it.

Okay, it’s true, there may be some aspects of your situation that you cannot change. If, for example, you’re sitting in a car that you just wrapped around an enormous tree a moment ago, you can’t rewind about ten seconds and take it all back. After all, life isn’t like one big shoelace that you can just undo whenever you want.

Nine Signs You’re An Old Soul

mystic face women, with structure crackle background effectThere is a special kind of person in our world who finds himself alone and isolated, almost since birth.

His solitary existence isn’t from a preference or an antisocial temperament – he is simply old. Old in heart, old in mind and old in soul, this person is an old soul who finds his outlook on life vastly different and more matured than those around him. As a result, the old soul lives his life internally, walking his own solitary path while the rest around him flock to follow another. Perhaps you’ve experienced this in your own life,

Being your own Banker Part 2

bankerWhat, however, have we actually done? By totally ignoring this commandment, we have created a world religion which rules over almost the entire planet. We have appointed thieves, fraudsters, swindlers and cheats to the priesthood. We have raised genocidal psychopaths to

Being your own Banker Part 1

bankerWhat is a contract? Now, I only know this because I had to take law as part of my professional qualifications in international trade and shipping. Our lecturer (back in 1976) was a slightly mad Welshman with a sense of humour similar to my own so I remember a lot of what he taught us.

Single Mother of Four Finds Guardian Angel

homeless-family-compressedUnited Kingdom — A grandmother has raised thousands of pounds to build a family home by making masses of a traditional Scottish sweet. After hearing Elizabeth Charo and her four children had been sleeping on a Kenyan beach for five years, the retired social worker from Perth