May One for All

output_4qsx8GMay One for All and All for One.

International Workers’ Day. A beautiful day, celebrations world wide like every May First in the past, and sometimes demonstrations, protests world wide on this very day. Nontheless, it is always exciting.

This year however, will be different. Perhaps, just MORE excitement for GOOD reasons.

The different sources from around the web; Political, Intel Guru’s, and Spiritual sources; From our world to galactic transpiring events, all are pointing to May First. May First for the release of the RV/GCR.

The Souls Now on Earth 2 of 2

146116757274607CHRISTINE: I have received a dictation from Saint Germain which is a continuation to Mother Mary’s Revelations concerning the subject of the reincarnation of the souls of Maldek before the rise of the Atlantean Empire. I have taken this dictation in writing, word for word, just as Part One.

SAINT GERMAIN: This is Saint Germain. Noah represents one of those beings who were the genetic product, in the days of Atlantis, of the enhancement of the Fourth Race, as a result of the intermarriages between the Initiators who came to teach them the Way of Ascension and those daughters of Atlanteans who were of a different descent, or race, because it was the Anunnaki who had upgraded an Ape-man in a more remote time going back at least 300,000 years,

The Souls Now on Earth 1 of 2

146091666745532CHRISTINE: For many years I have been interested in the story that Archangel Michael gave through the Messenger Geraldine Innocente in 1953. It was about the circumstances in which he decided to fashion his Sword of Blue Flame. He had stated:

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL in 1953: I remember well when the priests in the Temples were notified that the laggards of the other System were to be given habitation on the Earth and were told to make the applications required to protect the evolution that had been living in the innocence

WikiLeaks and Declassification

nc_hands4aNoam Chomsky Defends WikiLeaks and Declassifying Information. Noam Chomsky had a complex answer when asked if he sees a difference in the role technology companies play compared to Washington lawmakers in protecting and encouraging privacy:

WikiLeaks is a democratizing force. It’s giving individuals access to decisions and thinking by their representatives. In a democracy that ought to be reflexive. But on the contrary. WikiLeaks is under heavy attack by the government, and corporations are participating in that by closing down their websites.

What’s Dragging You Down?

what-is-dragging-you-downWhat are you using as your excuse not to feel good? Are you letting one little thing drag you down? As you may already know, I am a proponent of the Law of Attraction, and a lot of what I write about deals with the importance of raising your vibration and how positive energy attracts positive results.

Many people know this, and they understand the Law of Attraction. They know they have to feel good in order to get good results.  However, many people still prevent themselves from feeling good because they focus heavily on the one thing