It’s All About Perspective

sdgfI’ve been walking around lately with gritted teeth. A bit raw and irritated by everything and everyone. Traffic, rude people, long lines, and assaultive noises rub me the wrong way and eat away at my happiness.

This is the world that many of us live in, and there isn’t much about it we can control. It’s not everyday that we see things this negatively, but there are those times where perspective is getting the best of us, and a downward spiral ensues. On these days the universe is conspiring against you.

The Native Nation

This is a map of the “Native Nation”. As you can see it included Canada and Mexico. This is truth, for there was no separation between the people, there were no “borders”. One land, Mother Earth. Population of this Native Nation was over 100 million.


The Arcturians on Conspiracy

arcturiancontactgr-270x270Beloved Creators, we are the Arcturians with a message designed to help illuminate your understanding of organized chaos and the power struggles rife upon your planet.

The word “conspire” in your English language actually means to breathe together, which means to come together and expend effort in support of a common cause. This means that whenever two or more of you are gathered, to quote Sananda, there is great ability and power to affect Creation.

Historic Nuclear Deal Reached

gjKey Points of Historic Nuclear Deal Reached By Iran and 6 World Powers

Iran and six leading world powers signed a comprehensive plan for ending international sanctions against Iran in exchange for putting restrictions on its controversial nuclear program. RT takes a look at the groundbreaking document.