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Sheldan Nidle 4/5/2016

*6 Imix, 14 Mac, 12 Manik Dratzo! In our last report, we briefly mentioned one of the eight sideshows being used by the dark cabal to maintain a degree of chaos in your realm. These dire sets of circumstances all … Continue reading

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The Time is NOW

*The Time is NOW For a flower to grow, for a flower to blossom, all the weeds must be removed from around the flower. With these words we want to say for you to be more aware, to be more … Continue reading

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The New Cannabis Capsule

*The New Cannabis Capsule While there is a growing interest in natural remedies and numerous medicines are now based on natural sources, Big Pharma neglects the dangerous side effects and is continually producing various kinds of drugs which are high … Continue reading

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