GCR Update// Waiting Game

Untitled1. Who really has the say so at this time? UST, Republic, Bank Executives? Is there someone that is not letting the RV happen?

The global RV release has been ongoing process for nearly a year since April 22, 2015. This process is somewhat automated as there is a master checklist of items that need to be addressed before a global release of liquidity commences. This automated release system was created by the Chinese Elders along with Benevolent Mentors. Thus they are in control both the release and timing for all sovereign countries—as they have been tasked to be the keepers of the global collateral accounts reserved for all humanity.

Archangel Gabriel April 8th 2016

145969476683475If you are experiencing a stressful time in your life, we encourage you to play a little game called “In This Right Now Moment”. Most stress is caused by the unknown of the future, or pressure for things to come together in a way that is satisfactory. Unfortunately, worry does not create any kind of positive fuel for your creations. In fact, it is your fear that something may not be good in the future that makes you have the experience not feeling good right now. You are instantaneously creating the very thing you fear through your focus.

Mike Quinsey: Message through my Higher Self April 8th 2016

001P1EUHzy6YuBkLnDs92&690Chaos continues to happen all around you, yet it would have been so much worse had it not been for the Galactic Forces. The dark Ones are in disarray and losing their power to dictate the way your lives are working out, and If they had their way you would have been plunged into global wars to which there would be no end. However, they have been stopped in their tracks and a world war has been prevented. In time a halt will be called to such atrocities and eventually there will be no armed confrontations at all. Peace is approaching and it will be of a lasting nature, allowing the Earth to eventually be fully restored to its pristine beauty. This period will be one of great growth in your evolution
as the new Earth emerges, and a great Galactic Age begins destined to speedily carry you forward giving you many exciting opportunities.

Physical Ascenion – Sal Rachele

ascensionUntil recently, it was extraordinarily difficult to take your physical body with you into the higher realms. Now, because of the current Divine Dispensation (spoken of at length in previous writings), it is possible for millions of evolved souls to move directly into the Light without going through the death process. One advantage of this method of ascension is that you can continue to interact with the beings of Earth, but you are no longer bound by Earthly laws. Another advantage is that you do not need to reincarnate in order to re-experience Earth.

Animal Rights Activists Target China Dog Meat Festival

dogwiseAnimal rights activists are seeking to shut down an annual summer dog meat festival in southern China blamed for blackening the country’s international reputation as well as fuelling extreme cruelty to canines and unhygienic food handling practices.

Activists from a coalition of groups said on Monday that they will continue to press for the festival to be banned as well as legislation outlawing the slaughtering of dogs and cats and the consumption of their meat.