Angelic Guides: The Universe is Never Testing You

rtyToday we would like to focus your attention upon the desires that each of you have. There is not a single soul on your world that does not have desires which they wish to manifest for themselves. So often we watch in dismay as you block these desires by creating resistance with your thoughts of doubt, worry and fear. There is a very common misconception amongst many on your world, it is the belief that you must prove your worthiness, you must prove that you can overcome obstacles in order to deserve all that you desire to create.

These Remote Tribes Are Beyond Civilization’s Reach

uncontacted-footage-thumb-youtube_270pWith the advent of the Internet, satellites and drones, it seems hard to imagine that undiscovered groups of people still exist on our planet. Yet it’s a big place. There are still tribes all around the world who have avoided contact with modern civilization. Having never been introduced to current trends, technological advancements or present-day language, many live the same way they have for hundreds — even thousands — of years. While some remote tribes have been studied by anthropologists, researchers are careful not to disrupt their traditional ways of life. This has allowed hidden ethnic groups to avoid exposure to modern concepts, even basic ideas such as time, money and gender roles. It is truly incredible to understand how and why certain tribes have avoided assimilation into modern civilization. Here are five remote tribes where modern concepts don’t exist.

Seven Exotic Foods From The Sea Which Boost Your Immune System

seagrass-shoal-grass-undersea-north-carolina_noaa_9801) ARAME

Arame seaweed is a brownish-black and stringy looking plant used in traditional Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian cooking. Subspecies of arame are also found along the coast of Alaska and California. Arame is high in calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, and vitamin A as well as being a dietary source of many other minerals. It also is harvested for alginate, fertilizer and iodide. It contains the storage polysaccharide laminarin and the tripeptide eisenin, a peptide with immunological activity. Few may be aware of the detoxifying benefits of this seaweed which contains abundant amount of chlorophyll, which binds to and neutralizes toxins before flushing them out of your body.