Yeshua: Your Ascension Suit

146098839578760Christine: Two days ago Archangel Michael told me that he would be giving a message about the method that will be used in coming months, as lightworkers who are ready for the Ascension are being fitted with a solar body suit that will gradually cause changes, such as healing and rejuvenation, to manifest physically, but this Announcement has now been made by the Master Jesus in the following dictation. I really felt his vibrant electronic presence when he came this morning [Sunday October 1, 2015] to ask if I would take this dictation later. He wishes to start with some information about the situation when he first came to the Solar system as a galactic

Morpheus: The Agenda Part 1

augn8I_wThe reptilian agenda is the result of a suppressed collective psyche. When aspects of the collective mind are repressed it expresses itself abruptly and autocratically in the void field, as the void is the field of expression whereby light manifests structure. Electricity is accurately formed at each interference pattern of anchored light, and unpacked into holographic projection through the central spatial lens, the centre of which consciousness experiences the illusory “external universe”. Simply put, the holographic reality is likened to collective macrocosmic synapses, in a state of cohesive rendering, and the experience of it to microcosmic synapses.