Universal Family of Oneness: 2016 and Beyond

UntitledThroughout 2016 many will deal with much upheaval, changes and new beginnings of the old ways and self. This is causing restlessness anxiety and uncertainty in many of you, as humans need validation every step of the way. All you see and will see has already occurred, you going through the motions and every step decision and mistake you make has already happened and meant to happen. All will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Have faith in your future yourself and humanity.

Intuition: Connection to Source

IntuitionIntuition is your birthright. It’s guidance for you that flows directly from Source energy to you and through you. It is your inner guidance system designed to help protect you when needed and guide you in the right direction. It is a true gift from Source for you to have and use to guide you toward fulfillment each and every day of your lives.

When you are guided, truly guided, to make the right decisions by those gut feelings and amazing insights and “aha” moments that come from Spirit, you question nothing about your choices. There is no reason to. You KNOW from deep within you that you are being guided and there is no need to question.

Archangel Michael: Transmutation of the Dark

146091666745532This is Archangel Michael coming to you with news of a surcease from the burdens that have been upon you for too long. I have had the privilege of bringing about what you might call a transmutation of those forces of darkness that engineered many wars on the planet.

This is my Announcement: I operate from the highest realms with my legions of Blue Flame angels, and together with the Forces of Chamuel and Charity, other Archangels, as well as the support of the Dhyani Buddhas, we have descended into hell itself, where resided those nefarious satanic

The Fake Cancer Charities

UntitledNote from KejRaj: As a lot of people say, most of what we see on television is a lie, well, this includes the so called charities. They’re ran and owned by cabal family members, who we all know how much they really care about helping humanity. If these charities we’re honestly for the benefit of humanity, they would NOT make it on television.”

Beware: These fake cancer charities are out to steal your donations!
The next time you wear a pink ribbon or join a charity run for cancer, better be wary of where your donations are being funneled.