Universal Family of Oneness: 2016 and Beyond

UntitledThroughout 2016 many will deal with much upheaval, changes and new beginnings of the old ways and self. This is causing restlessness anxiety and uncertainty in many of you, as humans need validation every step of the way. All you see and will see has already occurred, you going through the motions and every step decision and mistake you make has already happened and meant to happen. All will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Have faith in your future yourself and humanity.

After 2026, Earth’s atmosphere will consist of only high unconditional love energy. All those not caught up in the control dramas of war, power control and ego, will survive simply because they are NOT putting themselves in obstacles which can result in death of your human vessel. They will survive this process by choosing to see through the looking glass of non judgement and unconditional love for all things. When you stop fighting yourself, others, the and the world, you stop engaging in wars. You take yourself out of the chaos itself and begin to create a new future reality of protection safety and of oneness. Love is the ultimate weapon and savior from the destruction of self, others, the world and the super universes as a whole.

Know with all great change comes great rewards. When you face suffering and perceived obstacles through facing your fears, you discover a power within, that conquers creates destroys and achieves miracles beyond the comprehension of your mind. You will think you are discovering Super Human powers but in actuality they have been unused, and dormant lying within you since birth. Unfortunately, most of humanity will not discover these abilities without the process of suffering as they can not see, choose to ignore them, so rapped up in their material illusionary world, or looking for an easy way for it to be handed to them. We have tried showing and telling humanity for centuries in hopes to help minimize your mistakes and ease the suffering of your spiritual evolution. Each time we come to Earth you fear us, choose not to believe us, judge us, crucify us, idol us and try to control our information for your own needs of power and control of other humans. It is humans whom are controlling each other and your allowing other spirits to control you. It is time to take control back of your minds. Learn the depths of your mind, body and soul. Understand your emotions, feel your soul’s yearnings and take the time to unlock your divine given abilities, its your birth right.

The dark knight is within you all and all must face your beast within. This process has occurred many times on other planets, this is the process of all life. Humans are the dark cabal and will be purging themselves of this dark knight over the next 11 years. 666 is the mark of man, the beast, the rise of your humanness, before you become divine. All which you are being told is not correct. It is time to merge with your light being, your higher-self, the being whom is one with the God Source and all things. Even your most enlightened humans have been misguided, it is not their fault for they too where not shown the way. There is much to be reprogrammed and unlocked within your DNA. Much mixed information is causing fear, confusion and control throughout the world. We suggest you unplug from what is not working and begin to reprogram your mind to the new world and ways of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FORGIVENESS AND COMPASSION.

We are hear to help ease your suffering as much as possible, and we can not come in masses until enough of you ask for our assistance, Earth is a free will zone. This is ONE main reason why only some of you are experiencing light beings and contact. Once Earth is vibrating at a higher level through the precession of the equinoxes and its galactic alignment, more of you will unlock access to your dormant DNA, and will begin seeing through the veil of forgetfulness into other realms.

Some of humanity are choosing to discredit us all together thinking we are not real, though we are giving you exactly what you asked for. Simply put, many of you are so negatively conditioned beyond repair, from being abused and abusing each other, the spiritual work and evolution will be thrust upon them and appear as forced to them. They will not understand what is going on within them, develop many mental and health issues thus resulting in mass confusion, mental and health outbreaks. This will be caused by solar flares emitting from Earths galactic center brought on by your solar planetary alignment. This is what many who follow scriptures refer to as “God” spirit pouring out onto the Earth. This is why scriptures could predict the so called “End Times” when its actually the birth of a new world. We do not tell you this to scare you, it is a proven scientific fact, your earth’s atmosphere and your personal dna makeup is changing, and will continue to at rapid rates, with or without your consent.
For many centuries we have come to you, you refer to us as Goddess Gods Deities, Angels and Masters making us idols. Each time the human vessel of authority we communicated with, chose to scew, use, and change our words based on how their own human needs perceive things and avoided the ultimate truth of your future, abilities and existence. You have always had these abilities as many scriptures leaders and stories have told you. Yet, you still do not understand the dedication ambition and work needed to access them.

You are given tests and challenges as you begin to unlock your human DNA within. With great abilities comes great responsibilities. Certain abilities and gifts for higher purposes are only accessed through certain heights of vibrations clarity and awareness. This is to avoid the abuse of power and abilities. Granted there are those whom think they can trick life karma and the process of evolution. Know this if you at in any form of selfishness, do things to cause harm to others with the intentions to do so, then YOU WILL receive that in kind. If not in this life it will come back to you with the power of 3 times back in some life time in some way. You can not escape your karma so create good karma thoughts and actions for yourself. Every intention and thought is energy. When you passionately make choices towards another out of selfishness or for personal gain; the force of that Fluidal energy is a powerful energy and comes back to you. You attract what you put out, you are a magnetic of energy. Everything is energy. When you begin to realize that all things are manipulated by energy; one can then choose to do great things and create miraculous realities.

Those of you whom are asking what can we do to unlock and upgrade my dormant DNA, need to understand all is possible with hard work dedication and commitment. The most important factor we can get across to humanity is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, FORGIVENESS, AND COMPASSION. These are the only keys giving you access to the higher realms and levels of Knowledge and Wisdom; ultimately giving you your divine gifts with flow and no resistance. With Knowledge and Wisdom comes your power within. Knowledge is power. When you open yourself to TRULY LIVING IN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, you open your mind to accepting all realities. When you are open to new things and new realities your mind then can perceive things differently, thus allowing you to experience new and different realities with a non judgmental objective.

Facing and going through suffering, allows you to tap into reserves of strength and courage you never thought existed, to overcome that which fate throws your way. Know this power has always been within you and once you find this do not lament or fear change. Be open to your own powers passions and soul purpose, as these are positive and productive focal points for you.
High Priestess of Ra, in The Order of Melchizedek,
Teacher of The Rising Sun&The Seven Light Rays,
Universal Family of Oneness,
The Earth Council of Galactic Federations,
The Arcturians,
The Pleiades High Council,
The Star Council of Sirius,
The Orion High Council,
The Nibiru Star Council,
Channel: Shellie Robinson