50% of US Voters say Presidential Candidate System ‘rigged’

rigWe heard Donald Trump saying the US voting system is rigged, we heard Bernie Sanders criticizing closed elections. Now a new poll shows that more than half of US voters believe the system to pick their president is “rigged.”

The poll, conducted by Reuters and Ipsos, found that some 51 percent of voters believe the primary system is rigged against certain candidates. Some 71 percent said they would prefer to pick their party’s presidential nominee with a direct vote, cutting out the use of delegates as intermediaries.

Yeshua: The Power Of The Mind

146098839578760I am the one they call Jesus. I am Yeshua (reflect upon my name as it is said in the World Pronunciation of English, “Yes You Are!”) and I am available to everyone who would like to link in with me.

To come in this manner in the speech or the writing of another is indeed very pleasant. It is what we have been waiting for: This time when you are higher in vibration then you were. For those of you who are not high enough in vibration to believe this possible, then we need to use an intermediary. No? I do not talk of men who stand in politics and bang on about the fifth-amendment, or men who stand in pulpits and bang their fists. I do not talk of people who say the words of a book. I talk of others, like yourselves, who have graduated

Childhood Reflection in Puddles

tumblr_mu1v4x6vsd1sjcvbgo1_400When I was a young boy I always enjoyed rainy days. Sure baseball was cancelled and I couldn’t ride my bike outside but I knew the next day there would be left over puddles on the way to school. Jumping in puddles was one of our favorite small pastimes and making splashes while trying not to get soaked was a fun goal of mine.

I had the luxury of living so close to my grade school that my brothers and neighbors walked to Juliet Low elementary. One of the games we designed was to get to the puddle first and with one step make the splash and try to soak the person to your right or left depending which way you leaned.