Archangel Michael: Ancient Cosmic Team

145946107999181ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Hail! Sons and daughters of the Great Central Sun, extensions of many legions of Angels and Archangels, Star Seeds, Incarnations of Ascended Masters, as well as Galactic beings from far off Stars, who have come with the unique mission of contributing your skills and spiritual potentials to the transformation of a world in Transition. Your place is here, where by being ‘who you are and can become’ and holding a balance of Light against evil, you are performing a service as a member of an ancient Cosmic Team that is reclaiming the Earth, and will restore it for the experience of physicality upon a higher dimension where density and reality are concerned.


Abstract DNAA new study has found that certain people’s genes have evolved in such a way that they are immune to certain severe inherited conditions.

The study involved the analysis of previously collected DNA sets totaling 589,306 genomes from around the world with researchers hoping to discover individuals who were immune to genetic diseases and then to figure out why it is they aren’t affected.

The Fifth Wave(The New Feminism in the New Energy)

tyhIf you’re reading this and resonate with it, you are one of the few who came to this planet to discover who they are, and to change the direction of history. If you are a woman, you came here to become the new role model of the enlightened woman. You were brave enough to make this lifetime the lifetime of change for yourself.

Personally I am done looking for role models of an enlightened woman. Let’s be honest, isn’t it embarrassing how women are still perceived in the world. In this day and age, there are women in certain countries that are still severely oppressed.

Bernie’s Plan To Bust Up the “Too Big To Fail” recent kerfluffle about Bernie Sanders purportedly not knowing how to bust up the big banks says far more about the threat Sanders poses to the Democratic establishment and its Wall Street wing than it does about the candidate himself.

Of course Sanders knows how to bust up the big banks. He’s already introduced legislation to do just that. And even without new legislation a president has the power under the Dodd-Frank reform act to initiate such a breakup.