The Fifth Wave(The New Feminism in the New Energy)

tyhIf you’re reading this and resonate with it, you are one of the few who came to this planet to discover who they are, and to change the direction of history. If you are a woman, you came here to become the new role model of the enlightened woman. You were brave enough to make this lifetime the lifetime of change for yourself.

Personally I am done looking for role models of an enlightened woman. Let’s be honest, isn’t it embarrassing how women are still perceived in the world. In this day and age, there are women in certain countries that are still severely oppressed. Add to that the ridiculous depiction of women in the media and in the entertainment world. I keep looking for role models but all I see are Supermodels. Major and minor roles alike in movies and television are showing women as more and more young, glamorous, thin and classically beautiful. I’ve taken to watching more TV shows that originate from England because at least the women are cast as normal looking, and not as glossy magazine runway models.

We have been challenged as women to see our self-worth as either nurturers or emotional and physical caregivers. In order to be taken seriously in the work world, we had to act like a man and embody that mental, competitive edge. Our self-worth has been heavily defined by our body image, which generally can never meet up to the unhealthy standards set by our culture, at least here in the United States.

We’ve come in with a few handicaps. But we also knew that the new spiritual leaders are women.

It’s all changing now.

So we are in the process of releasing the caregiving roles, and subordinate roles along with our beliefs that we needed to appear physically a certain way in order to be loved and acknowledged. We are more and more setting our own standards for beauty and defining ourselves as beautiful beings who are falling in love with ourselves just as we are.

It begins with each of us claiming our sovereignty. The decision has been made already on a soul level, to integrate our Christ Consciousness. Along with that decision we have been facing emotional and physical discomfort, because our bodies especially are releasing a tremendous amount of old ancestral energies. We are learning not to take these personally. Yet, we are noticing in our personal lives that it is changing the dynamics between us and others, especially between us and men. We are seeing how we have been perhaps overly accommodating and allowed others to cross boundaries and feed from our energies. Our kindness was often seen as a weakness. However, we are also recognizing that we did this in order to feel safe. As women, needing to be needed was synonymous with being loved. But we paid a hefty price for that caregiving role. We ended up feeling angry and resentful, and for reasons of a historical nature, often did not allow ourselves to express those feelings. So they became buried in our bodies. Conditions such as colitis, cystitis, dermatitis, sinusitis, vaginitis, and other inflammatory illnesses are related to, quite often, the feminine condition of repressed emotions.

So as we embody our soul, as we embrace our Divine Selves, all of these patterns come to the surface to be released, to be set free.

It may take a while longer than expected because these are bodily conditions and the body takes time to catch up with our consciousness.

There’s also another factor. There is a part of us that still wants to hang onto that role of needing to be needed. For without it we feel at least initially a little lost. Who am I, we ask, if I am not needed? It feels a little empty without someone in our life who seems to need us emotionally. Even though that created a feeding off our energies. Historically, we as women were seen as virtuous for taking on the emotional turmoil of others. Of feeling what they were not able or willing to feel for themselves. Yet that type of ‘service’ created discomfort in our minds and bodies. We had, over the course of many, many lifetimes, become so familiar with that discomfort, that we did not consciously question it.

But the good news is as we integrate our soul into our bodies and our lives, we naturally radiate more confidence. All the insecurities that we grew up with as women take a back seat. Perhaps I am speaking more to the older generation here, because I believe those who are younger now as women, have much more self-worth and independence. And I am speaking to those who are on the ascension path. Because I believe the young girls in school are given shockingly unhealthy images of beauty which they feel compelled to work toward.

So, we are here to change the course of history for women on the planet. Those in politics, and in the social services are doing their part, but the real change comes from you and I who are in the forefront of this unprecedented transformational process.

It takes a brave and capable soul to come in at this time and declare to themselves and to the world that they don’t give a crap what anybody thinks of them. They are their own best friend. They are creating a reality along with other like-minded souls, in which they are safe. And that reality is shaped by self-love. By a kind of self-love that has nothing to do with sacrifice, compromise, or agenda. In this reality that they are creating for themselves, they are safe to express themselves sensually. They no longer worry that they will be misunderstood because they are so open and filled with spirit. They no longer worry that they will be labeled as either selfish, crazy, or promiscuous.

They realize that they can express their sensuality and sexuality through their creativity. Through various art forms. And they can then share those with others, because those forms contain their blessings and the New Energy. And thanks to the internet, those expressions can live on long after those women have left the Planet.

Their confidence is growing, from the inside, so if others seem to disapprove or resent them for this growing self-love, the new enlightened women are less apt to let that bother them. They are embracing a balanced Divine masculine within themselves that sets boundaries and that puts into action their heartfelt soul desires.

There are some people in their life who they will be letting go. Those relationships in which the other is not interested in their own soul or in becoming self-loving. They will not need to justify or try to comfort those they are releasing, because they realize it is not their job. In fact, the comfort is what created the co-dependency to begin with.

They will go through fears of letting go, of wondering how it will turn out. Will they be all alone? Are they giving up their security? Will there be guilt to deal with? Are they betraying their mothers and their grandmothers on down the ancestral line? Who will they be? But then they will realize that the can no longer go back to that world. They are leaving that prison behind forever, and entering a world in which they are truly free.

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