It Is All About Vibration

b1e583f25c8fe0265cb903101ff684aeWe’ve all had that experience of coming up against something we don’t want to do or someone we don’t want to be around. And sometimes in the midst of it all, we begin to notice that the more we think about it or try to resist or push it away, the more it seems to be around and in our face. So what’s up with that?

What is happening is actually physics at play. In other words, the energy moving around the situation or person and you beliefs and feelings around the entire thing is what will determine if it does in fact go away or continue to haunt you mercilessly. When we are in a place of wanting to avoid someone for example,

Sunshine During Pregnancy

sunbeamA mother’s increased sunlight exposure, and therefore, vitamin D—during the second trimester of pregnancy lowers her child’s chance of developing asthma, reports a team of economists.

Their work suggests that a cost-effective way to get Mom more vitamin D could be as simple as health recommendations that consider the benefits of soaking up a little more sun.

Zap/Poofness Update 4/10/2016

UntitledGreetings and Salutation:


The time for asking questions is nearing; the making of the president and the way the national players are handling the economy and the issues at hand is nerve wracking and unsteady. If only there were some stabilized forces that would make matters much easier. But there isn’t! The chips are falling wherever they will and the energies for changing horses in mid stream are already in play.