Light Blockers

The-Sunglasses-for-Modern-MenIn TRUTH 99% of the materialistic things in our lives are of no “real benefit” to us and we don’t need them, we think we do but we don’t. I won’t list all of them, but just a few to make my point. Your house for example, it is an artificial construct, especially your “paint”. Now even “artificial lawns” are being talked about and used, or “planted” I should say. The food you eat is artificial.

Electronics. The tv, the idiot box. A huge distraction altogether, just to keep the masses asleep, entertained, heads filled with garbage.

Canadian Mom Credits Cannabis Oil for Surviving Cancer

cannabisDoctors told her to prepare to die, but she took cannabis oil instead. It was 2009 when Canadian Cheryl Pearson was misdiagnosed by the Canadian medical system with multiple sclerosis (MS), and for the following four years, she believed MS was the reason behind her rapidly declining health and the loss of use of some bodily functions. Her doctors were dead wrong as it turned out, and in 2013, she was told she didn’t have MS at all, but, unfortunately something much worse. She was dying from stage 4 Ovarian cancer. Told she would survive until December of 2013, her “end of life date,” she resigned herself to conventional

Growing Spiritually

areyoureadytogrowbig2William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, says that the soul creates the best life plan that it can so that it will grow spiritually.

Questioner: So then at that point the soul has determined the level of restriction, the conditions? The soul has determined that?

The Council: Let us go back to something that we have said earlier. When each of you come into the material manifestation to live a life, to attain that perfect state, believe this or not, your lives are planned out, as a general rule,