Light Blockers

The-Sunglasses-for-Modern-MenIn TRUTH 99% of the materialistic things in our lives are of no “real benefit” to us and we don’t need them, we think we do but we don’t. I won’t list all of them, but just a few to make my point. Your house for example, it is an artificial construct, especially your “paint”. Now even “artificial lawns” are being talked about and used, or “planted” I should say. The food you eat is artificial.

Electronics. The tv, the idiot box. A huge distraction altogether, just to keep the masses asleep, entertained, heads filled with garbage.

The “smart” phone, everyone’s favorite. Cell phone radiation can increase your cancer risk because of the electromagnetic waves it transmits. By the way, did you know that cell phones reach the market without Safety Testing?

Wireless modem. Wi-fi can negatively affect overall health and brain health, especially in children. Contributes to the development of insomnia, affects cell growth, derails brain function and more. Research has found exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies reduce sperm movement and cause DNA fragmentation.

Your vehicle, tv, phone, computer, even your food, your job, and many more. If these things were not somehow serving the system, YOU WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE THEM.

There is one other thing that was also invented NOT for the benefit of the human being.

Sunglasses. I like to call them light blockers. Why? Because they block the sun’s light, energy from entering through your eyes and reaching different parts of your brain, especially your pineal gland(third eye). Everyday I go outside, a walk in the neighborhood, or I visit the park, to enjoy some fresh air, relax, get some sun light. Now every time I do this, I cannot help it but notice people wearing sunglasses to “protect” their eyes. All forms of glass and plastic block sunlight. Even contact lenses and eyeglasses, that are made from oil. But sunglasses, also made from oil, these things were especially designed to block the sun’s light, depriving the brain, the whole body from all the sun’s benefits.

The sun can help brain function, which can improve the nervous system, hormonal regulation, muscle function, immune health, easing depression, and carries many other benefits. Since we are always covered in clothing, besides a few days in the summer at the beach, where everyone uses sunscreen, it leaves us from the neck up for getting the light we need everyday and all its benefits.

It is the paranoia that is caused by the main stream media that has convinced people the sun is bad. So people continue, unknowingly doing as they’re told. If you try to explain to one of these people, it is pointless, they’re fear driven. You’ll hear things like but I don’t want to get skin cancer, sun burnt, the sun hurts my eyes, etc. Well, for one, did you ever stop to think that it may be the sunscreen that causes skin cancer? Sunscreens are filled with all types of artificial chemicals that are poisonous to the body. The more people have been using sunscreen, the higher the number of skin cancer patients. As for the eyes being bothered by the light, I doubt you stare directly at the sun. So the only reason the sun’s light “hurts your eyes” is because you are locked up inside some walls most of your day, so that is why your eyes become sensitive to sunlight, you’re always in darkness.

Start going outside more often, for longer periods of time, let the eyes be exposed to natural outdoor light. We are connected with nature, one with nature. So spend more time IN NATURE.

*Let Love Be Your Intention.

*From Heart to Heart, KejRaj.