Archangel Michael: Ascension Waves

145946107999181ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: This is Archangel Michael. It was in April 2015 that I first announced to Christine that the Solar System had not penetrated the Void, nor the Stargate, as she had read in a book by Sheldan Nidle published in 2000 that this was expected to take place in the year 2012. The Solar System had penetrated the Photon Belt in January 1996 but plans had been delayed because we wanted to convert more souls to a higher frequency of vibration so they could continue to exist on Earth. This is a world in transition and it is being lifted up to a higher dimension in the sense that physicality will still exist but in an exalted way, much like what you think of a Garden of Eden, or Paradise.

The Elders by Shellie Robinson

EldersSpiritI bring you a message from the Elders of Earth. The Elders came to me as a collective of energies making up the elders of Earth which consisted of 13 species/tribes whom co-created Earth together. The Elders are helping and assisting humanity in their spiritual evolution and bring the energies of Compassion, Forgiveness and Healing relating to Karma. These healing ray energies are FREE universal energies and available for all to take advantage of. Many of the collective energies humans perceive us as are what you have referred to as Goddess/Gods, Deities, Arch Angels and Angels. Humanity has manifested these energies forming a collective

Noam Chomsky: This Is the Propaganda System

nc_hands4aNoam Chomsky: This Is the Propaganda System That Corporate Media Uses to Dominate Society. The famous political activist discusses corporate media, foreign policy and war.

On February 26, four bumbling fools made their way up to Noam Chomsky’s office. We were going to record an interview with a man who had been an entrance point to radical politics for us. I can still remember the first day I got Chomsky on Anarchism in the mail, the criticisms it made of our society,