Lagarde Calls for “Potent Policy Mix” to Strengthen Global Growth

IMFThe global economy is expanding moderately but the outlook has weakened further since October, and risks have increased. The global economy has been impaired from growth that has been too slow for too long, and at this rate a sustained recovery—with the expected higher living standards, lower unemployment and declining debt levels—may not be delivered. However, some recent improvement in data releases, somewhat firmer oil prices, reduced pressures on outflows from China, and actions by major central banks have all contributed to improving sentiment.

Expanding Consciousness

awakening21When one claims to be blocked, they are not, for that is an illusion based in 3D and the old patriarchy. There is no such thing as being blocked. When one decides that their non-movement is based in blockage or that they perceive that things aren’t the way separate ego wants them to be, they halt their evolution. You see, often when a person is in Stillness, they are integrating the New energies. It is the old patriarchy matrix that has you in its web, where one feels they must be doing in every moment and if they are not being productive or doing or moving, they must be blocked and therefore must push forward. In the New,