Big Move Ahead in Gold and Silver

gold-and-silverSpring has sprung for precious metals mining stocks. The HUI gold stocks index surged 6.2% on Monday to close at a 14-month high. The HUI chart shows a strong base was built from last summer through this January, and from that base a new bull market has begun. Industry major Barrick Gold (ABX) has seen its share price more than double year to date, leading precious metals mining equities as a group to become by far the top performing sector of 2016. As the bull market matures, we can expect leadership to switch from the majors to the mid-tier producers,

U.S Government Keeps Patent Cannabis

cannabisAt both the state and federal level, there is a huge debate in this country over the possession and use of marijuana. The federal government still insists on marijuana’s “harmful effects” and opposes any moves to decriminalize the plant. However, in a show of massive hypocrisy, the same federal government, that actively goes after marijuana users and still claims that the plant has absolutely no medical value, holds two patents on cannabis as medicine.

Mike Quinsey April 15, 2016

001P1EUHzy6YuBkLnDs92&690People’s expectations are rising and their confidence improving so much, that they are coming forward to support the Light. The truth has begun to surface and the lies and distortion of the facts are not so easily accepted as they were. People’s perception of what is going on is revealing the truth, and they have the ability to be discerning where false information is circulated. These are the predicted times when what has been hidden will be revealed, and although the news is still largely controlled by those on the dark side, it does sometimes leak out.