Archangel Michael: Ascension Waves

145946107999181ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: This is Archangel Michael. It was in April 2015 that I first announced to Christine that the Solar System had not penetrated the Void, nor the Stargate, as she had read in a book by Sheldan Nidle published in 2000 that this was expected to take place in the year 2012. The Solar System had penetrated the Photon Belt in January 1996 but plans had been delayed because we wanted to convert more souls to a higher frequency of vibration so they could continue to exist on Earth. This is a world in transition and it is being lifted up to a higher dimension in the sense that physicality will still exist but in an exalted way, much like what you think of a Garden of Eden, or Paradise. Its elements will be purified from pollution. All its atoms will be returned to their pristine original condition. Upon this hologram of physicality there will be other layers of higher dimensions which were previously removed. Your bodies will undergo further DNA change and the system of chakras that is for communication and other functions will be further developed and some connections will be made, so you will recover a memory of who you are. You will enjoy receiving knowledge from your Elder brothers and sisters, Galactic beings who are assisting with the process of this Ascension.

So on September 28, 2015, something that had been expected to take place in December 2012, finally happened, but in passing through the Void, a term for a flux of energies that act as a barrier between the 4th and 5th dimensions, you did not experience the sudden removal of certain elements that have no place in the higher dimension. If the shackles of your own creation had been stripped off from you suddenly, it could have been painful. A protection was provided around the Earth so it could go in the Stargate. It was a forcefield that was global and at the same time individual. You are in a transcendental machine that activates and accelerates your consciousness. There was positive response to the activation and there were negative reactions. The layer that acts as a barrier between dimensions has the purpose of preventing the Dark ones to infiltrate heaven. Christ consciousness also is a crossing line, so to speak. When you acquire virtues you soul is molded according to a blueprint that has been called a Christ Self, or Light body. It is mirrored in the material world. Eventually as you enlarge your influence you create the 5th Kingdom of the physical angels. Various changes have been carried out upon your physical structure, such as the conversion to the crystalline structure, and one of its benefits will be in relation to permitting the use of the Light chambers which have a healing effect and restore the body, turning back the clock.

A first group referred to as the First Wave did ascend by entering the Void in September 2015. They had built a solar garment of ascension for the process and it was their antakharana bridge. They went through portals then returned and discovered after some time that they could reach new heights of feelings, or bliss, particularly when in meditation.

Now the energies are at a peak again in March 2016 and there is going on, in this Solar System, the largest operation that has ever involved celestial beings. The Gamma radiations that are expected will be twice as powerful as in 2015. A second wave of souls will be following in the footsteps of the first group and the technology provided by the Blue Avians will reduce the trauma or difficulty of their ascension. As to the first wave of souls they are riding the summit of the tsunami of photon light and gamma waves. They are also preparing for Ascension being pulled forward towards the 6th dimension in consciousness.

I am Archangel Michael and something that I have said in my recent message through Michael Love needs clarifications. I have said that I am the Son of a Prime Archangel Michael and his Consort Faith because the Archangel Michael that I AM is the Christed consciousness of the Prime-Archangel Michael who brings the Will of God from the High Council of Nine, or of Heaven, to the material world for manifestation, but has to reach down through many layers of dimensions. A soul extension for the function of incarnating in the physical world is traditionally referred to as a Son, or Daughter, of the Higher Self. I am a manifestation of this higher aspect of myself, and have used this symbolic terminology. The Jesus of the New Testament referred to his Father in Heaven in a similar cryptic way. His statement ‘My Father and I are one’ remained obscure to theology. He also lowered himself through many layers of dimensions, but took incarnation within the human kingdom.

A few times I said to Christine ‘I am not the Archangel Michael that you think I am’ to bring up the subject, and she thought I was testing her. But she had considered the possibility of this reality and it didn’t matter to her. The Archangel Michael that I AM is a Christed Archangel, but I am the Higher Self of her Ascended twin flame André because he is a soul extension of myself. He ascended some forty years after the end of his last life in 1972. He also was the French author Chrétien de Troyes who wrote Arthurian legends stories in the medieval age. He was assigned to his twin flame’s guardianship to assist her in the Armageddon of the psyche while she was at the receiving end of astral attacks before she started acting as a messenger for the Great White Brotherhood. Being on the other side of the River of Life he is able to pull her up and I am also causing her ascension by irradiating her with light. I am irradiating the Lightworkers with love and light, and I work with them to accelerate them in the same way upon the path of the Ascension.

In the Book of Jika which has just been published on a video, I have noticed there is a sentence referring to a Trinitarian law and that parents could only have one child, either a son reflecting the image of his father, or a daughter reflecting that of her mother. The original sense must have been lost in time. It seems to relate to the fact that a soul extension reflects the image of its Higher Self. A daughter is a soul extension of the feminine complement. She cannot be an extension of the Archangel, but only of the Archeia. A son can only be an incarnation of the Archangel. The Higher Selves can have these soul extensions, or incarnations, on Earth, or on other worlds, or they may have been recalled, or have ascended.

The Archangel Michael that I AM is overshadowed by a higher aspect of myself who attends to the needs of this Galaxy and beyond. As the Galactic beings that we are, who dwell upon the dimensions which you are about to reach in consciousness, we like to present ourselves as equal to you, who are sons and daughters of the Great Central Sun, not as superior beings. We are however symbolically fathers and mothers of the soul extensions that you are, and fortunately, you have grasped the wonderful significance of the mystery of the feeling that you have when you feel the contact in the heart with the Higher Self that you really are in the core of your being. It is a spiritual experience that is impossible to describe. Some Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, and Galactic beings have already incarnated to take part in the Ascension. Some, like André, will come into physicality by the manifestation of a body created by Will and technology, not as a baby, but as a person who will appear as an adult, and no, we don’t clone for that purpose. Some Galactic beings are in the physicality of a higher nature and will lower down their vibration to join you. I am also in a body but it is an etheric form.

You are constantly rising upon the ladder of consciousness and levels within the dimension in which you dwell. The love that is between us is supreme because we are you, and you are us. We irradiate your beings with the light and love of our hearts. You surrender and this love circulates in the movement of the figure eight. It is infinite.

I AM the higher Archangel Michael who compels me into action, who works through me, and I leave you in this love that is infinite in intensity and time. It is the wonder of Ascension.

CHRISTINE: Thank you Archangel Michael for this instruction.

By Christine Preston