Archangel Michael: Ancient Cosmic Team

145946107999181ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Hail! Sons and daughters of the Great Central Sun, extensions of many legions of Angels and Archangels, Star Seeds, Incarnations of Ascended Masters, as well as Galactic beings from far off Stars, who have come with the unique mission of contributing your skills and spiritual potentials to the transformation of a world in Transition. Your place is here, where by being ‘who you are and can become’ and holding a balance of Light against evil, you are performing a service as a member of an ancient Cosmic Team that is reclaiming the Earth, and will restore it for the experience of physicality upon a higher dimension where density and reality are concerned. Your partners in the higher dimensions are bringing you up, are making you ascend by various methods, including an irradiation in a personal way that you may perceive as a vibration in your aura, your body, a very nice sensation and a beating in your heart chakra which is the place of connection between you and an Angel, or Ascended Master, who is assigned to tutoring you and can activate your molecular structure in order to lift you up towards the sixth dimension.

We have entered a more difficult time because on one hand the energies have peaked. We are riding the summit of their waves. This is a period of Ascension when changes are being accelerated and intensified, but on the other hand, the resistance of the recalcitrant sinister forces is increasing. One of the manifestations of their reaction is a certain paranoia that you hear about in your media. A battle is being waged in the psyche, but before explaining something about this I would like to mention that the forces of darkness, on the astral plane, are still attempting to sabotage the Ascension process and to influence political leaders, the Establishment, the military, and other groups in the financial and business sectors of the big Corporations, to avoid complying with the orders imposed upon them by the Forces of the Light to go ahead with a program of Disclosure concerning the truths that have been suppressed for more than a century. They are trying to avoid it with a number of excuses. They are fearful and reluctant to lose power.

The Forces of the Light require your help. You know about the laws of non-intervention and freewill, and you know that you can activate changes by using the tools of the Ascended Masters, those they have taught you, which consist in calling the Almighty, or praying, meditating, attuning and connecting with your Higher Selves, your guides, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood on the higher realms, and using the third eye chakra in visualizations to raise your frequencies, fill your auras with Light and draw the Solar Ring around you, as well as other lightworkers, in order to attract and integrate with the higher consciousness which we sometime refer to as Christ consciousness or the Light body. We have also mentioned calling for the assistance of the heavenly hosts, for protection from the dark forces which dwell upon the astral plane and reach out to carry out their work of interference.

So do call me, Archangel Michael, your Defender in battle. We have been working on the clearing of the astral levels for time immemorial, and many discarnate souls that were held captive there have been freed, thanks to the calls, prayers and decrees. There still is a battle going on in the psyche where mankind is concerned. Souls have been entangled by the shackles of their own creation but also as a result of a long standing conspiracy of the dark forces which goes back to the Atlantean days to corrupt all life and cause mankind to be trapped in a lower dimension, so it could be enslaved and would remain ignorant of its potential powers. Assaults are still taking place upon the light in the lightbearers to cause corruption. These attacks take place in all the nations where these souls have incarnated, and there is not one nation without these spiritual beings who are on the path of the Ascension. This is taking place behind the scenes of the political scenarios in which what is presented in the media is a conflict between nations. And you may feel that they make no sense any more.

At this time we would like all lightworkers to continue to unite, by sharing and connecting, or contributing information on the internet – although there may be discrepancies in your beliefs and methods – in order to obtain dispensations for more interventions. You may ask for Earth to be blessed with interventions from the higher octaves of Light so that the process of Ascension takes place according to Divine Will. The program of Disclosure which is part of it, a result of it, and at the same time, which will cause consternation but also awakening, should begin to accelerate now that we are in March. We are approaching a next, or third, Phase of Ascension in which the same Wave of souls which have already gone through the portals of Ascension, is initiated for a third time, and they return to physicality with more potential for healing and physical transfiguration, sometime with but the memory of a strange dream, or feel an odd and wonderful pulsation in their body and aura on waking up in the morning, because of the higher vibrations they have experienced out of the body when they were asleep. A second Wave of souls that have not gone through any portal before will soon do so. We have kept reminding the messenger of this message that she is being prepared for Ascension in relation to that third phase.

A phase of transition with changes on the political front and the financial system will also be initiated, and it will take place because of some events in the USA that will affect the whole world in the sense that as a result the adverse influence from the astral world will be greatly lessened. These shadow forces need to be overcome. The dragon must be slayed. This work of the Lightworkers is like that of the legendary knights and ladies in the Order of Knighthood. They drink the cup of the Grail containing the essence of Christ consciousness and spread light into the world. It consumes darkness.

You are being transformed by your inner Light as well as the photonic Light which surrounds the Solar System and is being diffused to you by the use of Galactic vessels and their technology. They co-ordinate the interventions that are being contributed as some come from a variety of Extraterrestrial powers. The Ascended Masters and Archangels, the Elohim and Galactic beings, work with you through their Rays. You might say there is a certain Order or organization in Heaven. Call to me, Archangel Michael and my Legions of the Blue Ray, which is the First Ray. I will use my Sword of Blue Flame to cut souls free from the negativities that are enslaving them in the lower dimensions. I can give you strength and make you free from fear and doubt.

Working with André, her ascended twin flame, the messenger of this message will now give you some details about the other Rays.

CHRISTINE: Mighty Cyclopea, the Elohim of the Third Eye Vision, heals your perception of Truth and everything with the Fifth Ray to bring about a Reality in manifestation that corresponds to the Divine Will. This also manifests as healing and it is through this Emerald Ray that Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary bring healing to you.

The Sixth Ray which is the golden-pink Ray of Resurrection and Regeneration, works through Enlightenment. It is also with the Sixth Ray of ministration and service that the Master Jesus works. The chakras related to that Ray is represented as gold and purple. It is with this Ray that Archangel Uriel and Aurora work and bring enlightenment. A clearing is also necessary before endowing mankind with this light. Layers upon layers have to be removed in the mind of the people to allow this enlightenment, reason, and wisdom, but never against their freewill. This clearing can be done with the other spiritual tools, the Violet Flame of Saint Germain, as well as the Circles and Swords of Blue Flame.

The Master Saint Germain and El Morya have their plan for the recreation of civilization, and of New Gaia, and the different sections of Heaven’s Orders are working in collaboration with Lord Buddha, the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara having taken up his new duties in the Sun.

The Second Ray of the Elohim Apollo and Lumina is that of ILLUMINATION. Education is central to it. The legions of the World Mother and Lord Maitreya, with whom the Master Jesus also works, are focused on Teaching and Disclosure at this time. In mainstream, before the work of re-education can take place with disclosure, as well as the revelations that restore lost knowledge and also expose the existence of what has been suppressed, a clearing has to take place in the psyche.

With the First and Seventh Rays, the Blue and Violet Flame, you are liberated and you obtain solutions to all problems, whether they are personal or global. With the Fifth and Sixth Rays you obtain healing and enlightenment. Overall, this is how the vibrational frequencies are being raised, without going into details about the other Rays.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: There are indeed other Rays and Secret Rays, but this is enough for a basic comprehension of the role you can play at the moment if you call to Heaven to send help with the short decrees that will be given at the end of this message, especially because of the debates concerning the running for office in the USA. A few simple calls are specifically designed for the situations that require solutions, including the elections. Great benefit could be derived if the lightworkers made calls, at least 3 times, at least twice a day. If you can do more, use the magical formula of the 3 times 3. These spiritual tools were given by the Ascended Masters decades ago.

The World Teachers are here and on their way, but the ultimate Teacher is within. It is your own I AM Presence as well as those beings who are authorized to communicate with you and lift you up upon the ladder of consciousness. The Saints, Ascended Masters, and the Archangels, draw a bridge between themselves and you, lightworkers and Star seeds, to swallow up and dissolve the evil incarnate, as well as that which is upon the astral plane. Peace will appear in the world on the wings of Disclosure and the Light of God never fails. You have many blessings in the blueprint that is contained in your destiny and the Call Compels the Answer. So, the angelic kingdom will take your calls to the Councils and ask that these blessings be manifested in your hands without delay.

I have to part from you now, but am with you, guarding you with the love that have for mankind, always!

Archangel Michael; channel: Christine Preston.