What Is Involution?

self-awareness-involutionBlending Eastern Mysticism with Western practicality, Involution is a word we coined to represent the inner evolution of the heart, mind and soul.

In essenece, Involution is not a dogma, creed or doctrine, but an experiential practice of life. You can observe it everywhere.

Ultimately, Involution can help deepen, strengthen and liberate us, helping us to attain Self-Awareness, Self-Discovery, Self-Understanding, Self-Love, Self-Transformation and Self-Mastery through the process of internal growth and development.

Involution can help us overcome our pain, lessen our suffering and live authentically again. It can help us to stop fragmenting our lives, providing us with passion, direction and wholeness. Involution can also help us to transcend our repetitive routines, blinding beliefs and stagnating ways of life.

For too long many of us have been stranded fighting, striving and struggling to better our external lives. Better jobs, better clothes, better cars, better relationships, better social statuses, better financial situations … some part of us tends to believe that to nurture our external lives is to become better, smarter and wholer people.

But it doesn’t.

Many of us feel wary, bitter, alone and disillusioned at the end of the day.

This is why Involution, the evolution of our inner selves is needed.

Involution is needed because we still create suffering and we still perpetuate our illnesses and pain. We need an internal evolution because we are slaves to our bodies, slaves to our minds and slaves to our emotions. We are also slaves to people and slaves of the very society that conditions our minds with false, misleading, oppressive and repressive beliefs and values.

For this reason, LonerWolf strives to provide open-minded and thought-provoking content as a way of furthering Involution.

We believe that one of the first steps in the Involutionary process is Self-Discovery, and our articles are here to provide that. They are also a reflection of our own personal epiphanies and discoveries in Involution.

Just as evolution improves a specie by imparting certain skills and higher functions, so does Involution allow us to function at a deeper and higher level.

By Aletheia Luna