Archangel Gabriel April 8th 2016

145969476683475If you are experiencing a stressful time in your life, we encourage you to play a little game called “In This Right Now Moment”. Most stress is caused by the unknown of the future, or pressure for things to come together in a way that is satisfactory. Unfortunately, worry does not create any kind of positive fuel for your creations. In fact, it is your fear that something may not be good in the future that makes you have the experience not feeling good right now. You are instantaneously creating the very thing you fear through your focus.

The vast amount of time, your right Now moment is just fine. Your power to create desired change comes from harnessing the infinite power of the Now. So, if you find yourself consumed with worry about future outcomes, we invite you to check in with yourself and start to connect with what is right with your present moment.

For example, “In this right Now moment, I am warm, and fed, and safe.” “In this right Now moment, I am breathing, I am alive, and I am ok.” “In this right Now moment, everything is just fine. By focusing on the things that are working, I can ease my tomorrow.”

There are always gifts in the present moment. Even if all you can find is the fact that you have a body and you are alive, it is something to celebrate and focus on that is working. Monumental changes become manageable by focusing on what is supported in each Now moment at a time, Dear Ones, so recenter into where your power is and allow yourself to align with the energies that remind you that you are loved, you are supported, and you are safe.

Channel: Shelley Young