The Time is NOW

915604_1518075751755042_1356502436_a*The Time is NOW

For a flower to grow, for a flower to blossom, all the weeds must be removed from around the flower. With these words we want to say for you to be more aware, to be more conscious of who and what you trully are, all negative layers must be removed, all the things that do not serve you, all that is not light and love, all that cause separation, sadness, fear, must be healed and released from your conscience, from your heart. When one transmutes all distractions, obstacles, with ease and grace one will start to recognize the true self.

What does not bring you joy in life, you have the right to release that from your life. We know it may not be easy to do. But we ask for what purpose keep in your life something that does not bring you joy? Now, if the job you have, causes you stress, you are simply not happy with it, leave it, find something else. If you think that old traditions and beliefs are of no benefit in your life, release them. If you think that friends or family cause you more stress than they bring joy, you have the right to walk away from them. Once again, we know that it is not easy for you, but we have to say the time is now, you have to disconnect yourself from the things that “disrupt” your peace.

We are aware that many of you find yourselves in positions you don’t wish to be and do things without heart. You perform those works only because that is the social behavior. Only because it is done by the majority you become part of a group or social circle so you are not lonely or distinct from the rest. Whatever the case may be, smoking, consuming alcohol because your friends do it, or you join a political or religious organization just because the majority do it. We say emphatically, you are a unique soul and your freedom is unlimited, never in any case are you obliged to act or believe as others. But it is said, what the majority does, you follow, and they say the majority usually has it right, let us say that this claim is completely false, this claim is made by people who have fear, people who cannot think for themselves, the people that want everybody else to believe in something just because they themselves believe it and that makes them feel more powerful or complete. They try really hard to force their old beliefs and traditions on you, and turn around and say it is for your own good, I have compassion for you, and so on. That is when you say, no thank you. If you have compassion for me, you allow me to decide for my own myself, you allow me to follow, to believe and to live as I wish, as my heart wants. And never in any case do you turn to me with your advice, unless you are asked by me.

You are not obligated to believe anything that does not resonate with your heart. No matter who says it, parent, teacher, singer, doctor, or guru. You must remain in your truth without letting their words impact you. Most people today don’t know what to believe anymore, you don’t know which path to choose, you do everything with suspicion, often you think you’re losing your mind, because your head has been filled with many things and different stories, from many different people, each claiming that their word is the truth, their way is the right way. The “disruptions” mentioned above, are the weeds that do not allow the flower to blossom.

Stop in this moment, let go of everything. We say to you do not always search for truth in the outer world, do not look for validation from the outside world, from your friends, books or teachers. Instead bring your attention within, in your heart, because there lies the truth. There you can find all the answers to your questions, there in your heart is the truth of the universe, the truth of creation.

Rise up, dust yourself off, release all, and say, I am perfect in every way in this moment, I am a being of light and love, I am completely free from all the negativity, I am the creator of my reality. Beloved, you are a part of creation, and your magnificence is immeasurable.

*Let Love Be Your Intention.

*From Heart to Heart, KejRaj.