The Souls Now on Earth 1 of 2

146091666745532CHRISTINE: For many years I have been interested in the story that Archangel Michael gave through the Messenger Geraldine Innocente in 1953. It was about the circumstances in which he decided to fashion his Sword of Blue Flame. He had stated:

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL in 1953: I remember well when the priests in the Temples were notified that the laggards of the other System were to be given habitation on the Earth and were told to make the applications required to protect the evolution that had been living in the innocence of the ‘Garden of Eden’ from the effluvia and contagion of the thoughts and feelings of those who, on their own Planet, either did not, or could not, control the energies enough to  proceed with their Planet into greater light.

CHRISTINE: In this dictation it was not revealed which priests were notified, and from which planet the souls of the laggards had come from. Many decades later, Elizabeth C. Prophet stated that it was the Lemurian priests who had been warned to prepare for the incarnation of souls from the planet Maldek in our Solar System. She said the people of Maldek were laggards who, having been influenced by Luciferian entities, had blown up their planet, and what remained of it was the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The Messenger knew that a third of the souls of Maldek had been allowed to reincarnate because the High Council in control of the process had hoped they could be re-educated in the path of righteousness.[2] In her opinion, these laggards, who were represented in Genesis as Cain, recreated a replica of the civilization of Maldek, and caused the downfall of Atlantis. Archangel Michael alluded to this when he said in 1953 that the priests should take measures to protect the people who had been living in the innocence of the Garden of Eden. He had also stated through Geraldine Innocente:

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL in 1953: I remember well my own contemplation, pondering on how I might best serve in the ages that were to come. It was then that I fashioned out of thought the Sword of Flame which has been with Me all through the aeons since, and which has been constantly used to cut the souls of men free, and to release imprisoned life caught in the astral and psychic realms. I charged into that Sword My Love of men, my love of the heartbeat, my Love of God. It is a Sword of Freedom.

CHRISTINE: There were many unknown elements in the sources. Were the priests actually on the Continent of Lemuria, or had E. C. Prophet referred to a period of time? I asked myself whether the stories were in line with the fact that, according to Sheldan Nidle, the Atlanteans destroyed the Lemurian Motherland in 25,000 BC.  I was aware, however, that the answer may NOT reveal a date for the explosion of Maldek because the souls that reincarnated could have waited in PRALAYA, a Sanskrit term for a state of suspension.

On February 16th, Archangel Michael came to tell me that the continent of Lemuria still existed when he fashioned his sword of blue flame, but that it was at the beginning of the rise of the Atlantean empire that he did this. Archangel Michael has answered many of my questions, including some on the Lemurian members of the Third Root Race, in which the Archangels incarnated. But the details will be reserved for another video. I had the idea of doing this as an interview but encountered some difficulties. Fortunately, Mother Mary has dictated to me a message that provides a complete elucidation for this mystery, and I think it should be heard first. It is as follows:

MOTHER MARY: I would like to give you a dictation for the Lightworkers about the matter of when and why Archangel Michael’s Sword of Blue Flame was fashioned. It was because Archangel Michael foresaw that the souls of Maldek were going to adversely influence the people of Lemuria and Atlantis, as they were due to incarnate among them. The parent souls of these laggards were younger souls and innocent. The souls of Maldek were older and had lived in a corrupt society. They had developed atomic power and had been engaged in wars and finally had caused Maldek to be annihilated in an implosion. Archangel Michael foresaw what turned out to be true, that the situation was going to develop as on Maldek. He warned the priests of Lemuria to prepare for the souls’ arrival.

They were to be born of mothers who had volunteered to have children for this purpose. Archangel Michael spoke of the effluvia through the messenger Geraldine Innocente in 1953. He meant that the souls of Maldek were going to influence the people into ways of wickedness, to use the biblical terms. They were laggard souls. They had corrupted society on Maldek and it was not that Archangel Michael had less trust that the final outcome of their incarnation would be good, than the Council that allowed them to do so, but precautions had to be taken. They had to be given that chance. The explosion of Maldek was a terrible disaster and what happened – because the souls of Maldek then misused the psychic powers they inherited from their fathers – caused the downfall of the Atlantean civilization. These fathers were indeed Initiators who descended and assumed bodies, and therefore possessed a superior DNA. They were on a mission to, not only initiate the children of the Lemurians who were descendants of various Galactic races, such as the Pleiadeans, Lyrans, but also to upgrade the Fourth Root Race which existed on the Continent of Atlantis. Blavatsky didn’t fully explain its origin. It was a type of Ape-man whose genetic material was upgraded by the Atlanteans’ Rulers called Anunnaki who had taken possession of the Solar System more than 300,000 years ago, and had attempted to create a slave race there. The records concerning this detail were preserved in many parts of the world because the Atlanteans had an agenda of global conquest, and they succeeded to spread their empire throughout the world. They colonised other nations, other lands, such as Sumeria, Egypt, and Greece, before cataclysms submerged the last island of Atlantis which was remembered as Poseidonis.

That so-called Fourth Root Race had limited consciousness and Heaven took pity of them and sent the Redeemers, the Initiators, just as the Gnostics knew it. They were Beings who had previously lived on Earth through a Golden Age and had ascended. The Archangels had also partaken of physicality in that previous age. They came to teach the Path of Ascension on the Continent of Atlantis, and as Sons of God, the Initiators had the mission to upgrade the genetics of the Fourth Root Race. Their DNA was not suitable for the incarnation of Star Seeds or Angels, or Galactic souls, but the souls of Maldek, because of the Karma they had incurred by destroying their planet, could incarnate in those forms. At first the intermarriages occurred as the Initiators assumed bodies and appeared in Atlantis. Babies were born. They were different from their parents, lighter in skin and with fair hair. The souls reached a certain age and misused the powers of their fathers, especially in relation to operating technology that was mind controlled, and their application in wars.

Archangel Michael said in 1953 that he approached the priests. He did not say they were Lemurian. It was the messenger Elizabeth C. Prophet who jumped to that conclusion, but she was right in the sense that this was in the period before the Atlantean empire separated from the Motherland. The Continent that later disappeared existed when Archangel Michael went to see the priests of the land and told them to prepare the people because of the arrival of the souls of Maldek.

It was those children who were born of the intermarriages who took control. Those children were superior to their mothers, those daughters who were slave to the Anunnaki. It was those children who recreated the civilization of Maldek on Atlantis and misused their powers.

In those days there were two Schools of Thought that Genesis has recalled as ‘The Tree of Life’ and ‘The Tree of Knowledge’. The Tree of Life was symbolic of the Teachings that the Initiators provided in their Mystery Schools to lead the lost souls of Maldek on the Path of Ascension. It was for that purpose that an attempt had been made to upgrade the genetic material of the race in which these souls had been scheduled to incarnate, but with the misuse of powers and the amount of opposition they received, the project had to be aborted.

The Sword of Blue Flame was an ancient tool of Light to disentangle souls from their own miscreation. This subject will be discussed in another dictation.

CHRISTINE: Thank you Mother Mary for these explanations.

MOTHER MARY: Oh, but you are very welcome my dear!