The Souls Now on Earth 2 of 2

146116757274607CHRISTINE: I have received a dictation from Saint Germain which is a continuation to Mother Mary’s Revelations concerning the subject of the reincarnation of the souls of Maldek before the rise of the Atlantean Empire. I have taken this dictation in writing, word for word, just as Part One.

SAINT GERMAIN: This is Saint Germain. Noah represents one of those beings who were the genetic product, in the days of Atlantis, of the enhancement of the Fourth Race, as a result of the intermarriages between the Initiators who came to teach them the Way of Ascension and those daughters of Atlanteans who were of a different descent, or race, because it was the Anunnaki who had upgraded an Ape-man in a more remote time going back at least 300,000 years, and this aspect will be returned to later, in another message.
But first let us see what happened when these children were born – those who had ‘Sons of God’ as fathers because they were of the genetic type of the Third Root Race, but their mothers were the Atlantean slaves of the Fourth Root Race. The souls of Maldek had incarnated in the Fourth Root Race, so the Atlantean slaves were the souls of Maldek, but they had not awakened yet to the memory of who they had been. But after the babies were born in the Lemurian era, just at the very dawn of the Atlantean period on the Continent of Atlantis, they benefitted of the genes of their Fathers who had returned as Initiators with the genes of the bodies they had created by Will, as they were self-begotten, and this was recorded in ancient traditions either by saying they had created bodies by Will, or had assumed bodies, or had not been born of women. They passed on a DNA to the progeny of the intermarriages as recorded in Genesis 6. Some of these children then misused the powers that were conferred to them genetically.

The Mystery Schools had been put in place to keep them on the path of Righteousness and I now reveal that this is why Archangel Michael went to the priests of the Continent where this was happening. It was to set up these Mystery Schools that were represented as the Tree of Life in Genesis because Trees became symbolic in antiquity of Teachings.

The Initiators were of the Third Root Race that existed on Earth in the Lemurian Age. Most of them had ascended and then had returned with the mission to raise human kind. But there also was a different group of humans on the planet who had descended from the Galactic colonisers of former time. We shall return to that aspect later.

When the babies were born with the new genes, the parents noticed they were different. Their skin was lighter, and their hair was fair, and even like wool. They had the same appearance as what was described of Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days in the Bible. One of these children was represented as the Noah of the Flood episode who is symbolic of a line of these children, or progeny, who was righteous. Genesis says that all of the world had fallen into iniquity, was become corrupt, except for this person and the word righteous is ‘zedek’ or ‘zadic’ in Hebrew. The word is contained in the name Melchizedek, a Master and also an Order which I now reveal was the Order that was created in Atlantean days as this Mystery School to Teach the Way of Ascension. It was Abraham who later was initiated in this School. This School had been started by the Priests who were Priest-Kings in the Atlantean days, as a precaution, because the souls of Maldek were incarnating in the progeny that benefitted from the genetic modifications.

A new race was created from the original intention of liberating the slaves from the Anunnaki. But the latter were not happy about the presence of the Mystery Schools, nor about the project of Ascension. In fact, they were represented in Genesis as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden because they were of Reptilian origin: humanoids with the feathered-serpent gene.

When the babies were born with the genes of the divine fathers, other souls than those of Maldek incarnated within the progeny. A branch of these incarnations was represented as the righteous people who were saved as Noah and his family. The Noah of the Bible was said to have lived for over 800 years. Some of the progeny misused the powers they inherited in their genes, as was described in Part One in Mother Mary’s message to explain why Archangel Michael fashioned a sword of blue flame. Some of the progeny, did ascend in the Schools of the Path of Ascension in the Atlantean days.

A problem developed due to opposition to the Path of Righteousness that was symbolized by the Tree of Life in Genesis. There even occurred an infiltration of the forces of darkness among the Priests. It has been recorded in the Book ‘A Dweller on Two Planets’ channeled by a Tibetan Master, and none other than the Master Djwhal Khul. The opponent force to the Light was symbolised as the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. It was a teaching of deception that the Serpent of this Tree taught in the Schools of Edenic time before the Fall, and all hell broke loose in the Atlantean days as the souls of Maldek overpowered the leaders of Lemurian time, separated from the Motherland politically, and then acted with an Agenda of world conquest and rule. They were supported by the Anunnaki who had the design of eliminating the Sirian influence that they regarded as an interference to their management of the world.

On the matter of the Fifth Root Race, the records in the Book of Dzyan which was channeled to H. P. Blavatsky from the Master Djwhal Khul, are that there was a holy stock of genes that was preserved from the Third Race. On the other hand the Book of Revelation states that the Saints who were 144,000 were not defiled. This is a reference to their origin and the fact they had not been defiled genetically by the tampering, or genetic manipulations, of the Anunnaki. It seems to indicate they were descended from those beings of the Third Race who were spiritually androgyne and manifested in bodies by the splitting at soul level, into twin flames, which then incarnated as soul extensions into one, or the other gender, but always remained in the same polarity corresponding to their spiritual character. They were descended from a line of humans who were galactic humans, who had colonized the Earth in former times.

In a Gnostic scripture entitled ‘On the Origin of the World’, what went on has been represented symbolically. There were Archons on Earth who imagined they were the most advanced beings in the Universe and that there was no other gods above them. This is the Anunnaki, the Rulers. Their form was described as beastly. They attempted to create a human being and failed as the form could not be risen. It had no soul. Then a Spirit which the text called ‘the Adam of Light’ was attracted to these forms because the geneticists cleverly designed an earthly Adam in the likeness of the Spirit they had seen. The story goes that the creation was successful. This was because the souls of Maldek incarnated within the forms. Wisdom Sophia, who represents the Universal Mother and the Spiritual Hierarchy, who was infused with the compassion and wisdom of the Divine Feminine Principle, then took pity upon the Adam who had become a prisoner, and sent to him a Redeemer, an Initiator, who is depicted as the Eve of Life. The Archons are afraid of her. She is Adam’s wife as she also has an earthly counterpart, but she takes refuge in The Tree of Life, and is transfigured as the Eve of Life. However, the Archons rape her earthly form without knowing it was the Earthly Eve they were raping. This rape results with the creation of a progeny which is not very good to say the least, and which probably represents the slave race and progeny that misused the power of their divine fathers.

In Genesis those who misused power are represented as Cain and his descendants, but we should not think it is a particular race in case we fall into the erroneous thinking that the Nazis are believed to have followed, though it was because of their idea they descended from superior beings, and attempted to trace their descent in the Icelandic legends of the Edda incorporated in Snorri Sturluson’s prose. These stories were inspired from the Elder Edda that a person called ‘the Learned’ preserved in the Nordic language, that was very similar to Old English, and which the scholar by the name of L. A. Waddell translated.

So, this message that I, Saint Germain, have dictated to Christine, so far, gives you some elucidation and some clues in regards this grand mystery of genetic origins. It was said in the Eastern tradition that the Fifth Root Race, the Aryas, later associated in the 19th century to the concept of the Aryans, directly sprang from the Third Root Race of superior genetic manifestation.

When we talk about DNA, the so-called junk material which geneticists have not identified, is the quantum DNA of the superior dimension. It is the instruction from the Lightbody or Christ Self, the image and likeness according to which man was created. This is the biblical expression of Genesis. Man was created in the image and likeness of his Divine Self, the Higher Self. This DNA is a field and only a small percentage of the overall DNA, like 5% of it, is detectable in the physical form.

The Scriptures mention the fact that a group of beings were not defiled. Others say a group of beings were raped by the Archons. Whatever the meaning of these ancient ideologies, the Fifth Root Race appeared under the symbol of Noah, the righteous man whose genetic material continued in the new world, as if through a bottleneck as some products of genetic mutations died out in the Atlantean cataclysms that submerged the Atlantean islands. The level of the oceans rose as the polar ice melted from about 30,000 BC and there were many cataclysms including floods all over the world about 12,000 years ago, and from about 10,500 to 9,654 BC, the date provided by Plato. The Fourth Root Race became extinct or was genetically absorbed, with rare occasion of remnants.

There are legends concerning giants and some groups of them subsisted in parts of the world into the period of the new world in which the spectrum of consciousness was reduced in the sense that the Spiritual Hierarchy made sure that a premature access to psychic powers could not take place to avoid a repetition of the drama of Atlantean time when the souls of Maldek incarnated in the progeny that benefitted from the genes of their fathers – the Initiators who had intermarried with the Fourth Root Race of Atlantean slaves. These souls of Maldek had misused their powers, and accelerated the world upon a Path of destruction, with Extraterrestrial technology that was mind-controled, and therefore required psychic abilities.

Those powers are now reappearing because of the descent of the Lightbody with its genetic instructions that are causing a mutation in the DNA. It’s happening because you are also being irradiated by photonic light and the Solar System has entered a Photon Belt in 1996. It was expected it would enter a Stargate in 2012 and that the veils of evil would be stripped off from mankind in quite a sudden way. However, the decision was taken to extend the period during which a crucial battle is taking place in the psyche of humanity, to give a chance of salvation to a larger portion of souls. We have now moved into the Stargate on September 28, 2015 using technology which deflects and distributes the light and energies in a way that offers a smoother pathway to the same result.

There is opposition to the Light and a battle is taking place in the psyche. It is with the spiritual tools such as the Circles and Swords of Blue Flame and the Violet Flame, as well as the Sacred Fire, that the Awakening is taking place upon the Path of the Ascension. But we will leave the details of this liberation to another message and video.

I AM your Knight Commander, Saint Germain, at your side, inspiring you with the great idealisms of my Order of Knighthood. I come with the Violet Flame that transmutes the records and memory of the past, leaving but Light and Love in all hearts. Go in Peace!

CHRISTINE: With great gratitude to Saint Germain for this information.