What’s Dragging You Down?

what-is-dragging-you-downWhat are you using as your excuse not to feel good? Are you letting one little thing drag you down? As you may already know, I am a proponent of the Law of Attraction, and a lot of what I write about deals with the importance of raising your vibration and how positive energy attracts positive results.

Many people know this, and they understand the Law of Attraction. They know they have to feel good in order to get good results.  However, many people still prevent themselves from feeling good because they focus heavily on the one thing they don’t have.

Often, there are 99 things going well to great in a person’s life, but there’s one or two things that they really want that they don’t have yet. Maybe it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend, maybe it’s a house, a baby or a pile of money. Maybe it’s good friendships, or maybe it’s good health.  Whatever “it” is, it feels very, very big and very, very absent.

Now, if this is you, you have a choice in how you are going to focus.

Are you going to focus on the 99 things that are going well to great in your life, or are you going to focus on the one or two things you don’t have yet? Are you going to allow yourself to feel good about what’s working in your life, or are you going to feel crummy about the few things you are lacking?

I mention this because I see many people wallow in darkness because of one or two little things.  There are hundreds of reasons to be positive and feel good about life, but when we are only focused on what we don’t have we can’t access those good feelings.

So if you’ve been feeling obsessed about the one thing you don’t have, do yourself a favor. Try to turn away from it for a while.  Give more attention to the 99 things that are going in your favor.  Allow what is going well in your life to raise your vibration and make you feel better.

Let your good feelings about the 99 things train you into greater happiness and optimism.  Don’t let one little thing drag you down.

After all, you’re never going to get that thing you want if you don’t feel good, so you might as well find a reason to lift your spirits. Good feelings translate, and feeling positive about 99 things CAN make you feel more optimistic about the one or two you don’t feel so hot about right now.

You’ve got lots of things to be happy and grateful for. Let them bring more happiness and gratitude into your life. Your life will be more fulfilling, and you’ll get more of those things you want-guaranteed.

By Andrea Schulman