Punishment of the Cabal

blue-abstract-background-in-low-poly-style_1035-59Greetings to All!
As always from heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj.

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart. Release all, find the peace and the truth will reveal itself.

It is true, we have arrived. We have broken the tape of the marathon. But this does not mean our journey is over. It is just beginning. In truth, as the eternal beings that we are our journey too is eternal. 000

Without any form of a message, update or confirmation from anyone, I myself with an OPEN HEART FEEL the completion of the RV/GCR. It is done. The money is on its way to your bank accounts. Process Completed. 999
However I am still grateful to the ones that do choose to provide updates for all of us.

I also FEEL the light getting stronger and stronger here on Earth as we get closer to The EVENT.

The one thing that is not spoken of enough in the spiritual web community is forgiveness.

Forgiveness for the self first. Forgive yourself for all the things you think you have done that may have caused others pain. Forgive all friends, all family, all souls that may have caused you pain in this and all other lifetimes. 777

If you are not able to truly forgive ALL, than that remains as just another ‘attachment’. And you cannot wholeheartedly move forward when you still have attachments to the old 3D concepts of life.

This brings us to the punishment of the Cabal once they are completely removed.

If you had a saying on how the Cabal should be dealt with, what would you do? The ones that killed, enslaved, destroyed humanity for thousands of years, what would you suggest we do with them?

If punishment is the first thing that comes up, STOP.

Many are aware of who the Cabal is and what they have done to humanity and Earth for centuries. You would think punishment in the worse way possible would be the only way. But you must ask yourself, would that really change anything? Would it undo what they have done ’til now? Or would punishing them just drag you down to their level?

Also I must not forget this, you cannot and must not lay 100% of the blame on the Cabal. Every human being on Earth is responsible for what has occurred here on Earth for centuries, specifically the last five decades. Humanity blindly chose to believe everything they were/are being told, and simply say ‘yes’ to their leaders. “But we trusted them”. NO, YOU gave away your power. That is all you did. You always wanted to be saved by an outside force. And most still have not learned their lesson, obviously, since many still ‘whine’ to their so called leaders about the wrong things they see in the world today, yet choose to do nothing themselves.

Now, imagine you have been the king of the world for one hundred years, in control of everything, and one day, somebody comes to you and says, you are not the king anymore, your ‘throne’ is being given back to the people. How would that make you feel? You would be beyond devastated and most likely would want to end your own life.

We hope you understand what we are attempting to convey to you today. Ending the Cabals regime is enough of a punishment for them without any one of us being dragged down to their level. And there are MASTERS doing this as we speak. Taking away the Cabals power now, their reign is over. The Universe will also do its part in taking care of all that are out of balance. The Cabals days on Earth are numbered.

Focus on the light within. Forgive all so that you may find peace with yourself. No matter what is happening around you, do not give your energy to negative situations, negative people. Keep your mind and heart on your mission. You know by now what you came here to do, what you are here for in these times, you were chosen. Speak truth. Be truth. Let nothing discourage you. It is your time to rise and shine your light.

Let love be your intention.
From heart to heart, KejRaj.