Quan Yin – Messages from Your Guides

gI_77189_MiamiKYSquare*Quan Yin – Messages from Your Guides

“It is I, Quan Yin.

Messages from your guides come in many different packages. You may not even recognize a message as having been sent by a guide, but you can always recognize the frequency of the message. The frequency is what gives a message its validity. It either resonates with you or it does not.

So you can wonder whether a message comes from your guides or whether it comes from some other source. But once you have the message and you have determined that it resonates, then what difference does it make? The truth is that your guides are always assisting you.

They are responsible for the receiving of the message by you, so they will ensure that your attention is going where it needs to go in order for you to receive the message. They are always playing their part, and they are always in service to you.

Acknowledging your guides for their service puts you in greater harmony with their vibration. They don’t need your thanks or your approval, or even your acknowledgment to continue loving and serving you. But when you offer those things, you raise your frequency, and when you raise your frequency you are more in tune with the vibration of your guides. You are more likely to hear, and you are more likely to listen.

I know that you all want to hear a voice in your head that sounds different from your own to guarantee that the message is coming from a trusted source, from a source such as your guides. But your guides are more interested in getting you to pay attention to subtle clues and very minute shifts in frequency.

That serves you more, and that is why not all of you are receiving in that overt and precise way that you would like to receive. Give yourselves credit if you are not, because it means that your guides have put more faith in you and in your ability to decipher the most minute and the most vague of messages.

I am Quan Yin, and I hold you in my heart.”

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