Are You Ready? Here It Comes!


Here what comes? Well, for one, the RV/GCR and two, The Event, three everything in between the two and after The Event. Please understand that the RV/GCR is a just a small part compared to what happens when The Event occures and thereafter. From the moment of The Event and forward is when the real excitement begins. It is the time when the ones of higher awareness step into action at once without wasting another second, without making any excuses. Seek guidance first from your Soul Self, from the Universe, you will receive all the answers. Also, you yourself may provide guidance and assistance to those who seek and ask for help. There is no need in trying to force or convince anyone of anything who does not seek guidance or assistance. As you move forward, let love be your intention, lead by example and through this the world and the Universe will see that YOU REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, YOU REMEMBER YOUR TRUE NATURE, YOUR TRUE SELF; YOU ARE A DIVINE BEING/CREATOR. The rest will follow, all will fall into place.

Mushaba and Porda:

“I want to tell you something, all of you that will read these words. There is something very exciting taking place in your physical world that will have a very telling impact on your lives. It is a long awaited event that is in process as we speak and it has started in the past day or so very quietly. There is also another very exciting thing taking place that is of a physical/spiritual nature. There is coming an announcement shortly after the first event I speak takes place in a more public way. It is an announcement that many of you expect and have been for some time.”

Mira, Pleiadian High Council:

“We are giving you this captivating confirmation that what many of you are feeling is indeed true. We know it has been a long process. It has felt unending but this is untrue. Every day you are challenged to feel that what is going on around you is real according to what the mainstream media and the third dimensional controlling energies would like you to believe. However, you know otherwise and I am confirming your feelings.”

Archangel Metatron:

“Know that all the upheavals and tribulations are but preparations for that which is to come. Know that all shall resolve amicably for all involved in the months to come, know that all is going according to the Divine Plan, and each and every one of you are providing the necessary energies and encodings in order to assist in grand shifts occurring on your planet.”

The Pleiadians:

“This is your time. Right now. Make powerful use of this time by tuning into the cosmic energy being gifted to you now from Creator Source Energy. Remember that those who have controlled you for so long are only 4D beings. You have the opportunity now to rise into 5D, 6D and 7D vibration and consciousness and move into these higher dimensions of being that “they” cannot reach. We encourage you to take advantage of that.”

The Collective:

“Because NESARA law already exists, and is ready to ensure that this dismantling of the old takes place in perfect ways, in accordance with both your common law and Universal law.”

*Mushaba and Porda:

*Mira, Pleiadian High Council:

*ArchAngel Metatron:

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