The Pleiadians: The Original Planners

output_bqU4zdWe are here. Many of you have heard us talk about your need to commit, to live to the highest attainment that you can achieve consistently, all of the time. You have heard us talk about the idea that you are involved in many dramas that are occurring in many places at one time.

You have heard us say that your planet is in the midst of an incredible transformation. You have heard us talk about the Divine Plan. You have heard us talk about the Family of Light. You have heard us talk about the need for the Family of Light to begin to work together. Some of you have begun to question some of these things. Some of you have begun to say,

“Well, whose plan is it anyway?”

Whose plan do you operate under?

Who are the overlords, the overseers, the owners of Earth?

Someone does, indeed, own your Earth. Someone does, in deed, own every planetary combination of molecules that exist. Someone believes they do. You are isolated completely from the higher knowledge of existence. You are isolated and quarantined for a multitude of reasons according to certain plans. You are isolated by frequency control, electromagnetically. Sometimes it is even difficult to locate the Earth on maps that chart space. Some of the owners of your Earth have disguised the existence of Earth as you would know it and forgot it on the maps of existence for a long time. That is interesting, is it not? Why would they do that?

Some of you have heard us speak that there are incredible treasures of consciousness locked here in the Earth. You have heard us speak about the original purpose of this planet, that it was to be a storehouse of information information that was gathered together and generously given by a huge collection of sentient consciousness. The experiment was to create a place, a storehouse of information where one could travel even from other universes into this universe and go into a Living Library and understand the purpose of the energy and the history of the universal structure.

Feel out what we are talking about because what lies ahead in the next few years is that this concept of the Living Library is going to be plugged in to your body. [What will it be like] to experience these things? Once you begin to plug your body in to the pebbles outside your door, the pebbles begin to sing to you what is in their molecules. Or the salamander that walks across the fence. Or the bird that comes to sing by your window in the morning. The Living Library was formed with a grand purpose. It was an experiment where life could genetically be implemented and planted with knowledge.

When one came into this Living Library, if one knew how to play the frequency codes and learned how to change their own electromagnetic spectrum through thought, they could receive the entire history of the universe as it existed the insects, the plants, the soil, the rocks, the trees. All things on this planet were purposely designed to hold knowledge. It is just like your Library of Congress holds knowledge on the printed page or on microfilm. The Original Planners designed Earth and the solar system for a very important reason and then eons later there were schisms, separations. In your most modern times you have been owned and controlled by a very renegade group.

This group started off very small and very insignificant and somehow created a raid of the probabilities of time and were able to go into many different realities because they began to own different portals that existed in space. There was a tremendous revolution and a great upheaval that lasted for millions of years. Your Earth was not affected by this until about 300,000 years ago. You must remember that time is very elastic and affects different realities not all simultaneously. As we remind you over and over again, you are part of the Family of Light, energies that carry an ability to transform energies. You, as members of the Family of Light, have something in common.

The characteristic that you share is that you are able to be impeccable transducers. It is like you could be struck by lightning and keep going and it would just give you a high jolt and you would be on top of the world for the day. You can take energies that are sent from the cosmos and you can hold them in your body and change them and pass them out to the planet. Others cannot even perceive that this energy exists.

The energy does not penetrate their physical body because there is nothing in the physical body to catch or to hold the energy because they have been rearranged as a species. A battle was fought amongst beings that you call gods whose sole job it was to oversee structures of consciousness that you call planets. When these tyrannical owners came and took over here 300,000 years ago, after tremendous destructions, they created an entirely different species and they genetically rearranged and manipulated who was left upon the planet. There is a plan now that is in the works.

The plan has to do with bringing the original owners back into alignment with your Earth, bringing the Original Plan back into its own purpose.

Who are the original owners?

Whose drama are you in?

Who is making a movie of your life?

On what screens in the cosmos are you famous?

Begin to think in these terms. Begin to allow yourself to expand your identity about who you believe you are, about perhaps how anonymous you are not. As members of the Family of Light you are sent on assignment to go in to alter a system. You have been trained to handle incredible amounts of energy. In Hollywood you have stuntmen. They are able to perform tricks and to take blows.

You are like the stuntmen of energy. You are the stuntmen of life. This is what the Family of Light is. You are specialists within the systems. There are many individuals on the planet at this time that are specialists. The Family of Light is here in the millions. There are other families of consciousness. When the time is right you will find that there will be many, many, many millions who will pool their energies together.

The days of what you do not have in common will fall far to the past because events will unfold that will draw you all together and you will find that your life will never be sweeter. It is true. You will find that all of the emptiness and the loneliness and all of the things that have kept you separated from your higher identity will be gone.

Channel: Barbara Marciniak

From the Book: Bringers of the Dawn