The Spirit Guides, Finding your Mission

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Hello friends, we have been watching over you throughout the many incarnations you have experienced here on earth. You have chosen to incarnate at this time to not only be a witness, but a divine aspect of this time on earth, one of the most unique and powerful times on earth ever experience. You have come here with a mission, and in order to figure out that mission, you must find it where your heart lies, where dreams could become reality. Look back through this life and look at areas of information that have always drawn your attention ever since childhood, without ever knowing exactly why you feel so drawn to an area of expertise. Art, music and all forms of creative expression are the manifestations of the truest divine creator within your own soul. Unlike the original earth vibrations that have always existed her, you are incarnated in a time where you can allow Your highest dimensional creator in you to merge with your current physical vessel. The purpose of this is that all awakened beings become a strong pillar of light, anchoring the new energies into the earth mother Gaia, and at the same time, lifting her physical existence into the new and high vibrational frequencies as well.

You may have a hard time trying to find your mission and we know this can be frustrating, but you must remember we can only do so much for you, we are always with you and pointing you in the right directions. That urge you feel to do something randomly, is the push we send to you towards where you should go to heighten the sensitivity to your divine being. But by the request of heavens and the upper dimensions, blunt and exact answers to your future are highly not recommended, as is the exact events of your future. Why you ask? Well because in order to achieve the highest of ascension, you must learn through experiences on your own, you cannot just skip all the work, right into the new dimensions. It is a process, a transition. And as you grow nearer and nearer to your inevitable success, you begin to not ‘learn” but instead you REMEMBER, that your true gifts and paths of life have always been within, but you have overlooked them, for they have been surprised by the density of the Third Dimension, and the vigorous control of the dark ones who originally split humans DNA from a 12 strand to just a 2 strand helix dana structure, thus cutting off your conscious awareness to the divine and the ability to experience all realities on command. But its finally come my friends, you have now un doubtedly undergone and reconstructed the original structure in your physical bodies. It may be confusing and a lot to handle, but remember it is an adjustment period.

You asked the question, what is my divine purpose? Well what you are already doing is your purpose. Now comes the time to take your passions, and interests and expand your focus in them. When you find your truest calling, you WILL know, but ascension is a free will experience, therefore, we may be able to push you and give you nudges in the right direction, but your mission and duty is finding it yourself. The problems arise when too much time is spent looking outward for a purpose than looking INWARD. Sit and think, where is your heart? What kindles the divine flame within you? It doesn’t have to be specific at first, but just an area of interest that you are drawn to. So what we want to do now is give you an exercise to help you on this vision quest to your truest passion and talent. Take out a piece of paper and a pen, and first write down an area of knowledge, and or interest that you are pulled to so strongly, an interest that has always been with you. After you write down the general area of interest, now throughout the few days afterwards, any time you recall a specific talent or accomplishment that you have had in that area, then write them down. Allow your soul to tell you what to write, do not rush or try too hard to remember all of your interests, as that would defeat the purpose. If you set the intention to remember your passions and all things that have to do with your passions, the memories and wisdom will come on their own time. Wisdom can never be forced, it simply must flow in and resonate within you. What do you resonate with? Have you always wanted a job in the medical field? If so, then what areas of medical studies and practices really peak your interest? This is just an example. Your interest could be in art or music, well then, what is it you wish to come out of your mastery of your passions and talents? As long as your drive and will to accomplish comes from a place of love, and not selfish or the desire to think you are better than others, the without a doubt, your mission lies within the field of your deepest passions and expressions of your creative nature. Whatever it may be. Sit, allow, and just be still. There isn’t just one mission you have, there may be many. And without a doubt, when you find it, you will know. It’s like a deep vibration that you feel in your heart, head and bones. Think of this life as a mountain, all people are on it, some take the windy roads, some take the narrow roads, some stop in the middle and go back down the mountain, but in the end, we all will arrive at the same destination. The source, the chi, the energy and flow of life. All summed up in one word, LOVE.

By Trevyn Alexander Ohare