Communication in the Spiritual Realms

sdf*Communication in the Spiritual Realms

In this long discussion between a SOL researcher and William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, we have a very involved discussion about communication in the spiritual realms.

Questioner: You said, “The way we commune or communicate with each other is in such a way that is quite hard to explain.  It is a mental process because we are conscious beings.  It is like merging two breezes together.  If you were to take a fan in each hand and wave them back and forth, they each deliver a breeze that merges in the center to cause a turbulence.  Now we commune by putting two energy fields together to create a turbulence.”  Now, I would like to know …

The Council:  May we pause for a statement?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council: The term “turbulence” should not be looked upon in a, how shall we say, general sense to indicate a negative action, but to indicate an action of greater activity and power.  Be sure that is understood.  The word “turbulence” should not be looked upon in its negative sense but in a powerful sense.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Very well, continue.

Questioner:  I would like to know then if this mechanism is similar to what we understand in physics as the “beat phenomenon.”

The Council:  It is too bad you are not more familiar with that concept. Continue.

Questioner:  Wherein two energy fields merge to produce a new field which represents the difference between the two original fields?

The Council:  One could use that as an example.  The difference being that the created field is not the difference.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes, I think I do.

The Council:  But it is the combination of the knowledge of each entity combined to enhance the knowledge of each entity.  In other words, if you have had an experience in the material manifestation which has brought you wisdom and knowledge and say your spouse has had a different experience that has brought her wisdom and knowledge, the combination of the wisdom and of course as a secondary addition, the knowledge, the combination of the two wisdoms then is shared, and both experience totally in that sharing.  Now, the example you gave us, repeat it.

Questioner:  In physics there is what is known as the beat phenomenon wherein two energy fields merge to produce a new field which represents the difference between the original fields.

The Council:  Very well.  The new field, (do you understand?), then is what we have explained, but it is not the difference between but the addition of.  Do you follow?

Questioner:  I think so.  It sounds a little bit like harmony where two notes together produce something additional that neither note by itself contains.

The Council:  Yes, but it is a true experience then.  It is a full and complete experience.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Then one individual can benefit from another’s experience when these fields merge?

The Council:  Yes, it is likened to an actual experience, because you have eliminated the, how shall we put it, the trivia of the material but retain the essence of the experience which is the true experience.

And in this then you have a more direct relationship, if we may use that term, to the experience, even though you yourself may not have experienced that particular activity as such.  A very crude way, even, shall we say, far more crude than the example we gave you would be that of a vicarious experience.

Now that particular statement is on the very far limits of what we have tried to explain to you, but that combined with what we originally said, plus what we have just said may give you a greater insight.  In other words, since you are experiencing an activity through another soul or another entity, and a spiritual state or in the pure conscious state the experience is much more powerful and much more vivid and much more useful or direct, consequently, you gain the essence without the problem of having to work for it, without having to deal with the distractions in obtaining the essence of the experience.  Since the merging of the two knowledges and wisdoms create a third, both entities share equally then in that third, and that third essence then or that third experience or that third, how shall we say, activity of knowledge then is divided equally with each and becomes as real as if either one had experienced it or the other had experienced it.  But the entity or the experience, shall we say, the third experience is not really

created out of the lack of. That is essential to understand.

Questioner: I was wondering if this third experience, the combined experience could then be shared as an entity in itself with other beings?

The Council:  Be extremely careful in the term “third entity.”  It does not take on an entity such as you or those in the room.  We use the term “entity” only to indicate that it is a whole, but it is not an entity in the sense that it is thinking and conscious; it is an experience.  That can be shared by either of the true entities or souls that have exchanged the information or have communicated with each other.  It then can be shared with any other.  Those entities who have made the first exchange or shared or communicated on their own then can share that experience with others, and thus you have a continuous growing effect.

But remember now, that when we talked of the third, we did not intend you to understand that you are creating an entity per se.