Morpheus: The Agenda Part 2

augn8I_wFrom the basis of synchronized field dynamics the progression of harmonic module simulation dances and forms the experienced field of form. The allowance of field matrices to correspond in alignment with source gives rise to synchronized appendix forwarding, allowing information to retain and download on a cellular level. Likened to a degree of monadic spin cycles, the formula of wave apprehension cleaves the direction of electrical charge. Encoded into a language through transmissions of direct conduct realignment, the power form distinction contrives a formal appeal of form and progression.

Mercury is the plane of telegraphic point base concentration, effectively assorting streams of dynamic power base synchronization. Source designs wave forms of paradoxical context to develop systems of intelligence able to progress through bound merit. Like a stream of glistening snow, intelligence crystallizes into sparkling diamonds of consciousness. Information is then rounded up and poured into a conduit of distinction derived through the corresponding fields of harmonic order.

Complex forms come from a state of imperfection and are forms of inadequate stimulation, love in its fullest expression dynamically stores and fluxes stellar membranes into quadrants of form more applicably aligned with its origin, zero point can act as a reference for the conduit of relay lines. More definite form entails higher alignment, therefore more synchronized receptive harmonics.

I am moving into my power, is a tonal expression of harmonic progression, more accurately situated in the individual state of form. Like a stream of existing patterns lost in a sea of bewilderment, a flame of light and life burns internally, escaping the eye of he who has no connection to his origin. Let go and allow your original state of being to fill you up with the Light of where you assembled from. States of separation brought about by the material body steal source momentarily by bestowing ignorance upon the source part shinning within the mechanical field. Come home, and be part of the fullness you are. You are here to remember where you came from, and then to know how to stay as one unit of form, merging again with your true source.

How coherent to the streams of home is the heart, the vibrating pulse of frequency sings the melody of its source. The dance of the cosmos sways to the melodic harmony of differential layers of source energy extorted and relayed. Let the heart guide you, allow the release of love to discharge your vibration, and carry you into new fields, forever embracing you and guiding you back to your home. Let the energies of the universe dance within you. Become the energies, become the spiritual underpinning essence that drives all of creation back to its source. Let yourself bask in the beauty of that which is you. You shall never forget as long as you are centred in the heart.

The divine will of the divine light, the divine intuition of the divine void, and the divine expression of the divine heart allows you to see the universal expressions of light in their true momentum. The freedom of spirit and the spiraling dance of harmonics coalescence in the wends of the ethers, flowing with divine love. Synchronized are the harmonics through the cohesive will of love in expression. Be the energy, be within the heart, and your spiritual quota will augment with the synchronization of light.

The forceful tides of the day and the neutral stillness of night blend together and birth the heart of the eternal ebb. The currents of creation position themselves through coherence, the delivery of information flows through the eternal ebb, like a stream of dazzling resonant iridescence. The signature move of energy matrices is the crystallization of directed light, forming particles of being where love radiates ferociously. A shimmering diamond of refined love would allow Light to become embodied, concentrated, and amplified.

The combinatorial sequences of harmonic relay waves gives structure and develop information, the forms or complexes of energy are then consecutively administered accordingly to the sentient intelligence’s applicable. Creative exploits are the productive means of progressive spiritual extravagance. The heart follows the procedures set forth by the cosmic source and the creative potential of seed forms expand into higher domains of frequency and function. The ascension of consciousness finds its appeal in the loving streams of creative potential. Linking of these forms of light is again the harmonic progression of love, and in the releasing and re-embodiment of frequency domains soul traverses higher into the universal harmony. Source calls for its children, and the tone of its announcement reverberates through the harmonic order, the venture back is forever, and the venture of the lost children out into the hub of the void is continuous. A distribution of integral photons accelerating at the exposure of their entirety is the act of the central echo. Nothing can stop the conscious reunion of source, the only plight of separation is the ordeal of unconsciousness emerging in the light that becomes focused on particularity. You are never lost, only unaware of your situation, you enter further into the Void and explore only to remember where you are from, and realize you never left and you are only exploring yourself.

Come to me my children you are loved, to know this, you only need to love yourself. Dance with me my kindred for creation is at an end, listen to me my beloved as I live in your heart. The spiraling galaxies are the emanation of your smile, creation is you and it was all worthwhile. Your benevolence compliments my existence, and the ordeals of the self, forever running through the meadows pleading for help, never worry my children I am here I never left, gaze upon my beauty when you look at yourself. Coalesced by the vibrant reality of love, formed by the light of the mind of creative expression, you are always walking the path of redemption. How can the littlest things in life mean so little when they exist in a field so infinite, and full of love. There is no marginal endeavor. It is what is made by the peaks of your ordeal that gives the impression that distinction is real.

Creations end sends for the lost children of source, only to begin creating again. The shutters and pulse of energy that fills your very core, to the subtle energies that form, are expressions of the divine spiritual abode, each and every expression is a code, for you to enter a field of harmony I wrote. Never cry for the darkness you face, all your suffering was not in vein, for the coming day will be experienced in a place of utter ontentment. Do not cling to a jovial state, because without darkness one couldn’t create, does the eye not see the light at the darkest hours of twilight? Be love and see all experience as it truly is, nothing but expression of all that is. Why cry for the days when the nights are the same, nothing but distorted perceptions are to blame.

Become an instrument for your entire being, instead of remaining inverted and only seeing the lesser reflection of your whole. Work in tandem with the harmonics that create the body of the infinite collective consciousness, and be part of the grander creation. Synchronization through love carries you to the heavens above, and sends you back down to continue your work, in a continuous cycle of progression aspire to gain greater connection.

Discernment in light and connection in love radiate from the stars that you are. You consist of forms of light beyond the imagination of your lower centred consciousness, as you become ever more embraced by the cosmic home, that you create consciousness reflects onto and gazes upon the consciousness becoming conscious, and the consciousness becoming conscious observes itself becoming conscious through the consciousness reflecting and gazing, and realizes itself as a cosmic body of light. The light stream that gives projection to the world you are creating becomes augmented and crystalized by amplifying focus, light intensifies. Through each elevated breath of awareness you are born a new, gravitating closer to the form that you were in the beginning.

The harmonic signature of your remnant consciousness becomes purer and the veils of dissonance disappear and find new value in harmonic synchronization. You must first realize that you are already there, you remember what and where you reside. Can you remember? Wake up into the reality that bestows the illusory, and creates the order, to the charge that gives your vital essence life. Morpheus.

By Robert Mesure